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Study Of Cigavette’s VIP Ultra Kit

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In a world with complicated box mods, hundreds of flavors of e-liquid, and a vast array of stylistic options, it can be easy to forget why vaping was invented in the first place. Vaping was invented to help smokers stop smoking by mimicking the smoking experience without actually smoking. Cigavette has not forgotten this purpose and offers a starter kit that is perfect for helping you kick the habit.

Most vaping devices on the market today are designed around constantly refilling a tank with e-liquid. How does this accurately recreate smoking? Many smokers who are trying to quit either do not want to be bothered with e-juice tanks or tried it and decided that vaping is not worth the effort. Cigavette’s kit is simple to use, and you never need to worry about refilling tanks with messy e-juice.

Instead, you simply load cartridges into your vape pen. When you notice the flavor beginning to disappear, unscrew the cartridge, throw it out, and plug in a new one. A button on the battery flashes to let you know when it is time to recharge it. Two 650 mAh batteries are included with the kit, and they are chargeable via USB port, so it’s impossible to be caught without a charged battery. The entire process is easy to adapt to and feels like smoking.

While some people will use this kit as their permanent vaping device, it serves as a launching pad into vaping for most users. As you grow more accustomed to vaping, the things that once struck you the wrong way may start to seem tolerable, or even desirable. If later experimentation goes awry, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that Cigavette will always be there for you. More cartridges are just a few clicks away.

Cigavette offers two flavors of cartridges, tobacco, and menthol. Both are excellent at recreating the flavor of traditional cigarettes, so opt for whichever one you used to smoke. The other important thing to consider is that you should increase your nicotine level when you start vaping. For example, if you smoked Ultra Light 6 mg cigarettes, order Light 12 mg nicotine cartridges for your vape pen. Larger nicotine levels produce a larger throat hit, and you will probably need the higher level to reproduce the feeling of smoking.

If there are any downsides to Cigavette, it is that they only offer the two flavors of cartridges. Fruity dessert flavors are becoming increasingly common in the industry, and it would be nice if menthol and tobacco replacement cartridgesCigavette exposed novices to them early in their vaping journey.

All in all, Cigavette still offers the best vape pen for teaching novice users how to vape. Their starter kit includes two batteries and ten cartridges, making it a truly complete setup. Some my coworkers and I are hardcore vapers now, but this kit is how we got our start. Designed by smokers for smokers, Cigavette very closely mimics smoking to help people finally ditch traditional cigarettes. You cannot ask for more from your first vaping device.

Try Cigavette today to help you finally stop smoking. If it does not work for you, the company is currently offering a 30-day money back guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping on orders over $50. To qualify for free shipping, use the code FREESHIP at checkout.


Here is what comes in the box:

  • 2 ULTRA premium 650mAh e-cig batteries
  • Available in black satin or polished stainless steel
  • 10 (ten) ULTRA premium cartridges (prefilled and heat sealed) available in signature premium blend tobacco and menthol flavors
  • 1 ULTRA USB wall INTELLA charger set

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this review.. I’d almost given up on quitting cigarettes until I tried CIGAVETTE. No other brand I’ve tried beats the realistic taste and feel. The kit is simple and easy, and I’ve experienced fast delivery and helpful customer service with every order.

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