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After getting a solid few weeks of use with the Ascent by Davinci, it’s safe to say this is one of the best herbal vaporizers you can buy. It was easy to see why it is so popular in this market and how this herbal vape stands out among the best products available in this category. The Ascent Bundle includes everything you will need to start vaping all types of oil and leaf varieties. It is an excellent product for anyone looking for a good herb vaping device.

You will notice that this product has a unique style of its own. It can be customized and the basic model is available in a number of sleek finishes. The burl wood model with its classy shiny surface stands out. The style and class of Ascent is not limited to the pretty package alone.  It has a full glass stem vapor pass through that remains inside the device when not in use. Pull out the glass stem and you are ready to use it. The power button has been provided on the top right beside the stem. Once you switch on the device, it will start heating up and when it has reached the set temperature, you are ready to vape. The screen will show a small cup like icon to indicate now the device is ready for vaping.

It gives you 3-4 hours of battery life and that exceeds what most competitors in this range provide. You will have a longer lasting charge and better vaping experience. Its ceramic chamber holds lots of dry herbs sufficient for many rounds of vaping sessions.

The information is easy to read on the OLED screen. Using its three button control, you can program its temperature, view the remaining battery life and check average session times. It can be a problem if the battery monitor is not consistent. The device may show fully discharged battery but lots of charging may still be available. You need to remember how long you have been vaping since the last charge. It is not a big problem and you can control it easily. Initially, it will take some time to get used to the control system. Do not throw the user’s manual; you are going to need it until you become familiar with the control system.

Open the device’s bottom and you can see the chamber. You can fill this chamber with tobacco, marijuana, dry herb, or any of the oil jars that come with different types of dabs and oil extracts. Once you have charged the device, fill the chamber and heat it up. Now you are ready to enjoy the best herbal vaporizer vaping experience. You should make sure the herb is not like powder. Tool fine herb will travel into the glass stem or fall out of the bottom chamber.

There are three little holes in the internal glass stem. The vapor travels through these holes from the chamber to the stem. These small holes can get jammed after a few sessions of vaping. This makes it important to keep clean all parts of the vaporizers. It will help you enjoy your vaping experience without any interruption.

In The Box

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  • Specifications
    • Precision Temperature Control to 430F
    • 110v to 240v Wall Charger
    • 3 Hour Battery Life
    • All Glass Vapor Path
    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

The DaVinci’s Ascent starter kit comes with a wall charger, two oil jars, mouthpiece stems, internal stems, a carrying bag and a metal pick. You will find the metal pick very useful. It fits on the top of the device. You can use it when you want to stir the bowl, which is a necessary process if you want to receive the best quality vapor from the herb content that you place in the Ascent’s chamber. Losing the stirring pick is a big problem in some other devices. However, you are unlikely to lose Ascent’s metal pick because it fits nicely on top of the device.

Final Word

This product has an amazing style and we really liked its specifications and features. In order to get an excellent vapor output, make sure to stir the herb content in the chamber regularly. It ensures you receive the best vapor possible. For decent vapor and to get extra long hits, you are going to need a stirrer. The Ascent has everything that you need for this purpose. Its metal pick is sufficient to stir the chamber and get the most out of your herb.

The long range battery life of this best herbal vaporizer is a big advantage. Most competitors in this range offer only 1-2 hours of operation. DaVinci’s Ascent will give you 3 hours of vaping. The only issue could be its battery icon that may not be consistent at all times. You will have to keep track of the times you have been vaping. On the first charge, it may look like it is taking a long time. However, you need to be patient. The wait is worth it because once it is fully charged, it heats up quickly and there is no waiting involved in it.

The device will work best when it is filled full but sometimes you may not want to fill it to the brim. You may want to fill it completely when you are with your friends. It is up to you how you want to fill the chamber. It all depends on your requirements and the type of vaping session you have planned.

It is a little bigger than its competitors and weighs more than them. The extra weight is not a problem considering its stylish design and very long battery life. It will give you the vaping satisfaction that you have always desired. It’s cool and stylish design makes it a pleasure to hold it. It is an excellent device that will give you one of the best herbal vaping experiences.

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