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Starters guide for E-Cigs

An E-cig, or electronic cigarette, is a battery-powered device that is designed to vaporize liquid nicotine to stimulate the sensation of smoking tobacco. As these devices are powered by one or more batteries, they must be recharged at regular intervals. The length of time that you may go between charges depends your personal usage level.  At most internals electronic cigarette components must also be replaced or refilled periodically in order for E-cigarettes to function.

E-cig manufacturers designed these innovative devices to deliver nicotine to users without requiring any combustion.  This absence of combustion effectively eliminates all smoke emission. Instead of an actual flame, E-cigs feature a built-in LED light burns brightly with each inhalation, while the liquid nicotine produces a harmless vapor. Depending on the amount of liquid nicotine contained the E-cig cartridge, the device possesses the throat in much the same manner as conventional cigarettes would.

E-cigarette designs are fairly standardized.  All models consist of a long tube that resembles the color and shape of an ordinary cigarette.  However, many manufacturers experiment with this design and often alter certain features of E-cigarettes.  E-cigarettes are now available for sale that appear to be ballpoint pens.

Most of these devices can be re-used and their batteries may also be replaced when the battery(ies) are no longer able to accept recharges. Nowadays, many electronic cigarette users prefer a lifetime battery warranty and look specifically for this feature whenever they consider which E-cig model to purchase.

E-cigarettes first came on the market in 2004.  That is when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik developed the gadget. The following year, Lik’s employer (Golden Dragon Holdings), began distributing the devices commercially.  The firm subsequently changed its name to Ruyan.

Creating a device that functioned like a traditional cigarette without requiring a flame to transfer the nicotine was the main idea.  As it turned out, liquid nicotine was the solution. At that point, a device that could deliver the nicotine was the only thing that was needed.  

Cigarette smokers inhale three primary tobacco ingredients. These include: polypropylene glycerol that is combined with vegetable glycerin and liquid nicotine (which is diluted by both compounds).  All E-cig developers do not use both VG and PG, but a basic E-liquid probably contains both chemicals.

Users with PG allergies may opt to use E-cigarettes that use VG as the sole base ingredient.

How E-Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarettes have three main components:  an atomizer to heat and vaporize the liquid nicotine; a cartridge that holds the fluid; and a battery to supply power for the device.  “E-juice” is a widely-used term for the liquid stored within the cartridge.

When all these parts are properly assembled, they form a functional E-cigarette that you may re-charge with a USB device or wall plug.  You will quickly notice when the E-juice starts to run low, as the vapor will decrease and the nicotine taste will change.

When deciding which electronic cigarette to purchase, you may encounter terms like “low rating” or “OHMS” displayed on devices.  When manufacturers discuss the OHMS of an electronic cigarette, their primary concern is the internal coil and how well it heats up to vaporize the E-liquid.  If two cartomizers from the same manufacturer feature different OHMS levels, the E-cig will function differently in the two units.

Low-resistance cartomizers allow the free flow of electricity in the device, thereby generating a higher level of heat for the coil.  This in turn produces more vapor. The drawback, however, is that this drains the battery much faster, and the E-juice will also deplete more quickly. Tanks or atomizers differ among devices, so when buying an electronic cigarette, you must pay close attention to how the coil heads up, as hotter coils will cost more to operate.

The force of your breath activates the units whenever you take a pull off an E-cig, and the E-liquid also heats up in order to generate vapor.  This vapor contains liquid nicotine and numerous concentrated flavors that enhance taste. Current E-cig models are automatic, so that a sensor activates of heating element that works on the E-juice when you inhale.  In general, the mechanism is relatively easy to understand. Once you learn how to operate the device with maximum efficiency, you may then select they flavor(s) that best suit your personal tastes and which E-cig brand(s) to purchase.

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