What Are The Health Issues Of Using E-Cigs

We all know smoking is bad for you and there is no founded research that says otherwise. We have all seen the ever so lovely commercials of persons having lost limbs, had heart attacks, and the all-time favorite the vibrator on the voice box. We are all aware of the possibilities we could face as a smoker.

closeup of hand of woman with e-cigarette

So, are electronic cigarettes any better? What are the electronic cigarettes health risks? Let us start with the obvious. Making a change from smoking paper cigarettes to an electronic cigarette most definitely lowers the risk of major health problems, but does not eliminate the risk. There is far less nicotine contained in an electronic cigarette; so that anxious jittery addicted feeling most likely will decrease when you are in an all day meeting and cannot light up.

The less nicotine in your body, the less craving you should feel; which are both carry health and financial benefits. Are electronic cigarettes socially acceptable? They are somewhat more acceptable in a social environment; however, what research is out there has supported propaganda stating they are no less bad for you or those around you than the real deal. So, yes you will still get dirty looks from peers when lighting up an electronic cigarette, from those who have not been exposed to this trendy product.

For the environmentally conscious folks, let us discuss the value of this product. Because the electronic cigarette will be used many times versus the paper cigarette being thrown, literally, out the window after one use. The decreased damage to the environment would be immeasurable. The electronic cigarette has replaceable parts also; the product is not discarded contributing to the landfills, but is continued to be used with much lesser garbage produced.

How annoying is it to drive down the street and see all the discarded cigarette butts on the side of the road? It is frustrating, knowing you are making green choices, which can seem futile based on others decisions. The electronic cigarette is also a preferred option in looking at potentially toxic emissions. We are not helping our planet or our longevity on this planet by filling the atmosphere with smoke. The electronic cigarette only emits a very small amount of nicotine infused vapor and as such is a much greener option.  Who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too? Maybe we can.

The reality is that any change made to a healthier alternative is taking a step in the right direction and this should be celebrated. Each person most definitely has their own individual struggles and quite simply put, this product can help those suffering from a nicotine addiction to make different choices. As GI Joe would say, knowing is half the battle. We must educate ourselves on the pros and cons of this product and reconcile the decision within our own conscience.  

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