How To Choose Perfect E-Cigs On Budget

When you are shortage for cash, smoking can be an expensive habit. Smoking is expensive regardless of your financial state, but smoking when you’re on a strict budget can be even harder. Here’s an article on using an e-cigarette on a budget which should allow you to pick the best product that suits your needs without breaking the bank.

Quality or price

These are typically the two most important factors when deciding or not you choose a certain product over the other. Both come with their advantages which shouldn’t be ignored and taken into account when making your decision:


Quality of your product typically means able to be used more often without the risk of the product breaking through use or falling on the force of gravity  etc. You’ll be able to have the same device, typically, for a longer period of time without replacements meaning that you’ll be saving money on the device itself. Some branded e-cigarettes may have higher prices on their e Liquid which is par for the course, although some e Liquids will work with brands of e-cigarettes regardless of whether or not they’re on the list of recommended products to use.


The ultimate factor here. If you don’t have $200 to spend on a device, top of the line e-cigarettes are out of the question. There are cheap alternatives which can start off as low as $4, but the problem comes about when you try and find a variety of cartridges to use with your product. The beauty of an e-cigarette is the fact that you’re able to use it constantly with whatever product or flavour you want without a problem, so cheaper alternatives may take away that privilege and lock you onto a certain flavour or dosage of nicotine.

The bottom line

If you want the best of both worlds, a bit of quality while still being cheap to use. In the long run, using an e-cigarette over smoking traditionally is cheaper anyway, so if you can spare the short term cash for a long term savings plan, you should be able to shop at the higher end of the market without a problem. Typically your savings will begin after day 40. Then by the dosage your life span will be too low.

Research your products

Make sure that you do some active research into the current prices of different models to see which one will suit your budget better. There are hundreds of different brands and stores out there, both online and offline, for you to choose from so make sure that you have a look around and see which will work best for you. Take into account that quality may mean a higher price but a higher price may not ensure quality, so look at some reviews for the product as well.

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