Finding The Right E-Liquid

Advantages of Using E-cigs

Countless people have relished in the flavorful delights of vaporized E-cigarettes. E-cigs are the latest craze, affording smokers with the touted convenience and liberty of smoking whenever, wherever. Not only are these products entirely smoke free, but they offer consumers a more potent form of nicotine, which they can adjust according to their individual needs.

Those who use E-cigs can save almost $150 per month, as conventional cigarettes tend to be far more costly. Two packs of cigarettes is notably more expensive than two E-cig cartridges, and this can make a sizable different throughout the year, saving you well over $1000.

Considerations To Make

If you are a first time E-cig consumer, then you must make a few fundamental decisions in order to fully enjoy your product. Not only will you have to purchase a quality E-cig from the brand of your choice, but you will have to select your E-liquid strength accordingly. Different E-liquids vary markedly in terms of their chemical composition and their overall strength.

For example, while the average cigarette can provide between 1mg and 9 mg of nicotine, a teaspoon of E-liquid may provide the equivalent of 60 cigarettes in a single setting, in terms of the proportion of nicotine.

Differences in E-liquids

The strength of an e-liquid can range from low, to medium or high. Not to mention, each company’s nicotine measurements may differ, as there is no consistent standardization. Usually, e-liquids range from 6mg of nicotine, to 24 mg. 2 mg of nicotine equates to 12 mg per ml of liquid. Your individualized smoking habits can guide you to purchase the appropriate e-liquid potency.

For example, if you are a light smoker, you should consider selecting a more diluted potency of cigarettes. Whereas, if you are a heavy smoker who consistently ingests high concentrations of nicotine, your e-liquid strength should be reflective of this. Gradually, you can steadily reduce the power of your e-liquid potency in order to mollify your desire for nicotine as a whole.

The Effects Of E-liquid Strength

Sometimes, a light smoker will select a high nicotine potency for their e-liquid, and subsist on this as their main source of nicotine from day to day. This builds a greater tolerance for nicotine, and increases their dependency on the product. As a result of this, periods of time without nicotine may be uncomfortable or even unbearable in some circumstances.

This is referred collectively as the withdrawal period, in which the body reacts to the lack of a dependent substance, such as nicotine. Individuals who undergo withdrawal may report increased irritation, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, sleeplessness, weight gain, increased appetite, and other symptoms.


In addition to potency and strength, there are other considerations to make before you buy the liquid of your choice. Liquids come in a variety of different flavors, including strawberry, peach, and various other pleasant vapors that can soothe your mind and taste buds.

E-liquids can provide a sensory experience that is both calming and stimulating, and a slew of different companies provides consumers with amazing flavors that can please even the most refined taste palettes.

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