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Halo G6 Starter Kit Review

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Halo g6 e-cigarette starter kit in white


Known on the market for offering some of the best e-juice, Halo E-cigs also has one of the highest recommended starter kits in their vaping lineup. They have covered all the bases with the G6, including a great design, solid vapor output and available for under $50, along with your choice of batteries coming in nine different colors. The G6 will truly be appreciated by those individuals that are seeking a non-traditional looking device but providing a solid throat hit/vapor output that keeps you coming back.

Recognized as one of the premier e-liquid companies online, the G6 Starter Kit has been forced to match Halo’s standard when dealing with quality.   The art of making delicious liquids has truly been mastered by them, so them producing a device to use with their juice simply makes total sense. Two completely different starter kits are carried by Halo, the larger Halo Triton and the smaller but powerful Halo G6. The following review is going to be concerned only with the G6 electronic cigarette. A vape pen is what the Halo Triton is, and in the vape pen section, you can read about it.

You are not just going to be kept from smoking cigarettes because you have one of the markets best-looking cig-a-likes. To keep you from grabbing that pack of smokes, especially for those just beginning, is the heavy lung-filling-throat-hitting ability that an ecig must have. One of the few devices to consistently deliver this is the G6. Before I found a winner, this was probably my fifth or sixth starter kit. After I discovered the G6, and found it kept my mind off tobacco, I stopped looking for any others. I stand behind this kit totally, and I truly love it!

In The Box

complete halo g6 vape starter kit

  • 1xHalo Case
  • 2xBattery of your choice (select between 280mAh and 180mAh)
  • 1xWall Adaptor
  • 1xUSB Charger
  • 5xCartomizers

Every starter kit includes a wall charger, a USB adapter, a 5 pack of cartridges that with your choice of e-liquid are pre-filled, and to pack it all in, a spiffy carrying case.
For the price, more than any other electronic cigarette company that is out there, Halo truly gives you more for your money. And if you purchase some of their Blank Cartridges, you can even fill your own. If you would like to change your flavors and save some money, I suggest using these, as over the long haul it will cost less if instead of buying your e-liquid in prefilled cartridges, you buy it in the bottles. Just purchase the blanks and fill them with e-liquid. 5-10 times you can fill the cartridges, or until the taste of the liquid turns bad.
Grab a Mini Tank if it is a larger capacity cartridge that you prefer. It does not have poly-fill to suspend the liquid, and it holds more juice, so that from the vapor you get a natural taste. If you just don’t want to fill your cartridges often, or if you are a heavy user, the Mini Tank works great! You are going to feature in the G6 electronic cigarette that in no other device you will find.

Final Word

The Halo G6 offers features such as the THERMAFLOW that continually provides a smooth supply of vapor, and the FLAMEGUARD that helps to keep from burning your liquid, the heating element. All of these special items contribute to the value of the G6, and simply make it a great choice to purchase. The best e-liquids by far are carried by Halo, and with the G6 electronic cigarette with them make a solid team and give you one of the best chances to quit smoking for good.

To get enough vapor into your lungs, it will not be necessary to puff 3-4 times. In just one drag, it will provide you a large cloud of vapor! If there is a problem to be dealt with the G6, it is that the battery will run down in less than a day if you are a heavy user. You probably would be wise to pick up an extra battery for the office or home, particularly if you are a heavy smoker!

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