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Halo Tracer Vape Mod


Halo has been content to focus on its excellent e-juice line up and their awesome Triton vape pen since 2013, but they are finally entering the mod market with both a vape mod and a box mod. Hallelujah! The vape mod is called the Tracer, and it demonstrates the same quality users have come to expect from Halo. This new machine is a top vape mod in today’s marketplace, combining ease of use with more than adequate power. All and all, it is a logical purchase for Triton users looking to step up their vaping.

The Tracer features a simple two piece design (tank and battery) designed to appeal to Halo’s established fan base, an audience that has not had an option bigger than the Triton until now. The Tracer’s sturdy construction feels solid in the hand. The device is built such that the user never has to deal with any bothersome tweaking of wattage or voltage. Instead, the gigantic 2600 mAh battery dictates the power level for you, delivering a voltage range between 2.5 and 4.2. As a result, the firing button is the only button the device requires, with no dials to speak of. The device also has a simple set up procedure – just push the firing button five times in a row and you are ready to go, even right out of the box!

The provided tank (simply called the Tracer Tank) is also easy to use, especially when it is time to refill it with e-juice. You can simply twist off the bottom to fill it up, and screw it back on to close it again. The tank has a capacity of 3.5ml of e-juice, which is around the industry average. You can also adjust the airflow without unscrewing the entire unit. Airflow adjustment is absolutely critical to dialing in your perfect vape, and making it easy to do should help novice vapers a lot.

The device packs enough power to satisfy any vaper who is not looking to go cloud chasing. While Halo could have gone the easy way and released a bigger Triton, they instead opted to enter the fastest growing category in vaping today with a sub-ohm vape mod. If you are not familiar with the term, sub-ohm devices deliver a direct mouth to lung hit instead of the throat hit offered by older devices. This new method delivers a lot more power than its traditional counterpart while maximizing the flavor of any e-juice. Both the battery and the tank tend to be bigger to deliver this extra oomph. It was a risk to jump right into the higher end market, but it definitely paid off! The device does not perform any better than similar products in the sub ohm market, but it also does not perform any worse.

In The Boxhalo tracer kit review

  • 1 — 2600 mAh Tracer Battery
  • 1 — Tracer 3.5 ml Tank
  • 1 — Tracer stainless steel wide bore mouthpiece
  • 1 — Tracer Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 — 0.5 ohm Tracer Single CoilHeads
  • 1 — USB Charging Cable
  • 1 — Wall Charger
  • 1 — User Manual
  • 1 — 30 ml Bottle of Halo V-Type High VG e-juice of the customer’s choice
  • Halo Warranty Information:
    Battery — 60 days from purchase
    Wall/USB chargers — 90 days from purchase
    Tank — 30 days from purchase

Final Word

Unlike many starter kits on the market today, the Tracer starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping – including a 30ml bottle of the Halo e-liquid of your choice! A lot of other starter kits do not actually allow you to start anything without supplementing them with e-juice, so Halo’s decision to provide some is sure to please returning customers. The company offers a full line of e-liquid produced right here in the United States of America, so you know it is a quality product.

The Tracer’s flaws are minor compared to its competition. Hardcore vapers may notice that the Tracer deserves zero points for originality. The battery is almost a carbon copy of the Joyetech One Mega, while the tank is basically an Horizon Attic. Both are solid pieces of hardware, however, so at least they copied something good. Its ease of use also means that experienced vapers who enjoy tinkering with their settings should probably look elsewhere, though they are clearly not Halo’s target audience for this one.

Halo backs its products with outstanding customer service and a strong warranty. The company’s website offers a live chat that allows customers to connect with Halo’s knowledgeable staff in real time. As a general rule, you never need to wait too long for an answer, either. It is currently among our highest rated companies for customer service, in fact. Halo also provides a 30-day money back guarantee on the Tracer’s tank, a 60-day money back guaranteeĀ on its battery, and a 90-day money back guarantee on its included wall and USB chargers.

Halo is an outstanding company that has survived with essentially one device since the Triton’s release in 2013. Most manufacturers would be dead in the water if they tried to do that, but the Triton was a quality product with long lasting appeal, backed by a line of top of the mark e-juice. This commitment to detail earned the company a loyal following, even when nothing new was on the horizon. With two new devices entering the company’s portfolio, it is a fantastic time to be a Halo customer.

Some critics have doubted whether Halo was capable of keeping up with the rapidly changing demands of the vaping community, citing their reluctance to expand their product line as all of the evidence they needed. The release of the Tracer should permanently silence these voices. The system is simple to use and easily produces enough power for vapers looking to upgrade their Triton. It may not be original, but it is cheap (a steal at $59.99) and includes e-juice while others do not. Overall, I give the Tracer 4.5 out of five stars for both battery life and vapor production. It may be the company’s only vape mod to date, but it is a great one.

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