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Overview Of Halo Triton Vape Pen

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halo triton vape pen review


Halo Cigs have been in the ecig game for a while now, yet they have never needed to make substantial changes to their product line. This is because they simply got it right the first time. The Triton is an excellent example of this. Today’s Triton model has a lot in common with the original device that established Halo as a major player in the vaping industry and still stands out as a top vape pen in the marketplace. It’s solid vapor production, ease of use, and cheap price tag make it tough to beat!

The Triton vape pen starter kit comes with everything you need to get started vaping except e-juice. Actually, it comes with everything required to get two people started, as the kit includes two Tritons for the price of one! If you have a friend or family member who is also interested in vaping, this is the kit for you! It is available in 11 color options, 10 of which really stand out thanks to an eye-catching finish.  The kit also includes the customer’s choice of battery size, with 450 mAh and 650 mAh as the choices. Personally, I went with the slightly larger 650 mAh model. It is a little bigger, but still pocket sized, ensuring that it can be transported anywhere. The battery lasts all day despite my heavy use, so no problems there. When it starts to fade, the kit includes a USB adapter and wall charger, making it as convenient as possible to charge it up again.

The device’s tank is made of plastic, which does not interfere with the taste of e-juice the way a glass tank does. I also appreciate the sturdy construction of the Triton’s tank, as the center piece does not jiggle around the way some other devices do. This makes it much easier to fill it up with my favorite Halo e-juice without making a mess.

Speaking of e-juice, Halo offers 20 varieties of a top of the line product, each manufactured in the United States out of USP grade ingredients.  My favorite is called Midnight Apple, and fans of menthol will enjoy Mystic, a flavor that provides coolness on the throat without any harshness, even with heavy use. Despite these endorsements, I recommend the sampler pack to new Halo customers. While all of the flavors are good, the names do not always provide a good sense of what the product tastes like. Experimenting for yourself is the only surefire way to discover what works for you.

The Triton is very easy to use, so it is a solid contender for a beginner’s first ecig. In fact, it was my first ecig over five years ago, and I continue to use it to this day! Despite the ease of use, the device offers excellent vapor production that can satisfy any vaper.

In The Box

best vape pens from Halo

  • 2 Batteries — customer’s choice of 450 or 650mAh sizes
  • 2 Crystal Clear Tanks
  • 1 USB Adapter
  • 1 Halo Carrying Case
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 35mm Cone ( for cartomizer use)
  • E-Cig Type: Basic PV
  • Battery Type: 650 mAh manual
  • Tank Type: clearomizer
  • Charge Method: USB

Final Word

Halo is also a fantastic company to do business with. They offer superlative customer service through a live chat feature on the company’s website. The support staff are extremely knowledgeable about the products they service and reply very quickly. I have never needed to wait more than a few minutes for an answer, and I have asked them some tricky questions that they do not see every day!

The company also backs its products with a comprehensive warranty. All of the company’s hardware is backed by a 30-day warranty while tanks and cartomizers have a separate 30-day defect warranty. Batteries are warranted for 60 days, and chargers are guaranteed for 90. If a company delivered sub-par products, it could not possibly provide the comprehensive warranty that Halo does. Just another example of Halo’s commitment to quality!

The few problems the Triton has are minor in nature. The black model is not visually appealing, but there are 10 others to choose from. The company’s e-juices do not have the most descriptive names, but that is not really a problem with the Triton itself. My only real concern is that the starter kit does not include any e-juice, forcing first-time customers to take a shot in the dark at what they might like. Most manufacturers do not provide e-juice in their starter kits, but it is absolutely essential to use the device. The problem is particularly perplexing for a company like Halo that already produces quality e-juice. I get the idea of up-selling, but come on!

Overall, I find the Halo Triton to be a top vape pen. I use it as my official road trip ecig, as its long battery life and small size makes it ideal for portable use. For its price tag of $64.99, I give it four stars out of five for value – especially since you get two! Battery life gets 4 stars from me while vapor production earns a perfect five out of five. In the interest of full disclosure, I may wear rose tinted glasses when it comes to Halo products as they got me started on my ecig journey. Still, I have tried many other devices and Halo’s stack up well by comparison.

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