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Important Things To Avoid While Using Herbal Vaping

Over the past decade many people have begun using vaporizers to replace smoking. It is said that vaporizing is safer than smoking and reduces toxins in the air you breathe and risks to your health. Many people enjoy the benefits of vaporizing, including those who would once regularly use tobacco and other herbs in their smoking forms. Vaping has swept the globe, and the technology is everywhere. From big box mods to small, pen-shaped, portable ones; vaporizers are being used everywhere to slowly but surely replace smoking. It’s working, and it’s on the rise. That’s because people are now so aware of the dangers and risk involved with smoking that they are clinging to these types of products in any way that they can, as a safer alternative.

How safe is vaping? Most users and former critics agree that vaping is indeed safer than smoking tobacco around your pets, children, and yourself for various health reasons. That’s because they know it reduces the effect or eliminates completely most of the harmful chemicals that may be found present in smoke. Vapor is safer, if used right. What I mean by that is that if used properly, vaporizers can be risk-frees and safe. Here are some tips for how you can have fun with vaping and be safe while doing so:


  • Liquids – If you vape with a pen or other oil burner, it’s important not to let your liquid spill on the edges. If it does, take the time to wipe it off before using it. Never use an oil vaporizer that has an oily spot, residue, or even a drop of oil spilled outside of the heating chamber. The glass could burst, there could be problems with the device, the ignitor could cause a flame, or any combination of these undesirable occurrences. Make sure your oils stay in the heating chamber, and wipe off whatever you spill and let it dry before attempting to use your vape pen again. Keep in mind that many ‘e-liquids’ are very dangerous chemically, and should be washed from the skin immediately, especially before contact with the skin or eyes. Keep your liquids off of yourself and away from your children, they are safe if used properly, but if not they could spell disaster. Liquid vaping is fun and easy, but should be looked at with care and reserved caution as well.


  • Cleaning – Cleaning your vaporizer is easy, doesn’t take much time, and could prevent a world of hassle. In case your vape didn’t come with a brush or scrubber, there are a number of utensils and specialty items like that you can buy online to make the job a lot simpler and much more convenient. If you don’t have access to the materials, no sweat. Your neighborhood grocer or general store should have everything you need. A small wire brush, sea salt and rubbing alcohol works for those sticky, hard to reach spots. Also, the heating chamber can be cleaned with just a little vinegar in a water solution, just make sure to burn it off before adding any herbs so you won’t get that nasty vinegar taste in your mouth when you vape again.


  • Charging – A lot of different types of vaporizers carry batteries. If so, make sure you are charging them properly. You can do this by making sure the charging device is secured to the outlet or USB port. Make sure the lights are on and functioning properly (blinking, staying on etc.), and make sure there are no liquid spills around or on the charger while it is plugged in. Also, don’t forget that you can ‘over-charge’ your battery. Don’t leave it on too long or it will overheat, not activate properly, or just burn out and not keep it’s charge as long. All this will ensure an optimum experience with battery life and prevent safety issues with improper battery use, so keep all of it in mind as you progress into the vast world of vaping.


  • Toxins Involved with Vaping – Some substances, and even some of the vaporizers used to heat those substances in, may contain propylene glycol. It’s in a lot of common household products and looks like a thick, syrupy liquid in texture. It’s found in almost every e-cig vape oil and can be found in some of your low cost vaporizers as well. While it may be safe to ingest in very small amounts, scientists say that it could potentially wear away at your lung tissue, eventually causing breathing difficulty. To reduce the impact of this compound chemical in your vaping experience remember to always keep your device clean and sterile. You can do so by using just a little alcohol and waiting until everything is dry before using the device. Wiping could leave behind small fibers and particles, so it’s best to just let your vape dry naturally after cleansing it with alcohol.


You can be sure to beat a smoking habit through the wonderful invention of vaping. If used properly, it’s safe and can be trusted way further than any carcinogen polluting cigarette or pipe device. You just have to be safe and know what you are doing. Clean up spills of the vaping liquid immediately, and never heat your device while spills are present. Charge your battery properly by making sure everything is connected correctly, dry, and not over-charged. Keep your device clean and sanitary at all times too. ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ is at least true for vaping. If you keep up with all of this, then you will be accident free and vaping will make your life a lot simpler!



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