How To Find the Best Vape Pen

The Best Vape Pens For E-Juice, Herbs, Or Wax

man holding vape pen with vapor in background

The term Vape Pen is widely used to describe several completely different type of vaporizers; the eGo style e-cig that vaporizes e-liquid, and the Dry Herb Vape Pen that vaporizes dry material.

  • eGo style e-cigs that vaporizes e-liquid
  • Dry Herb Vape Pens that vaporizes dry material
  • Wax and Oil Pens that vaporizes concentrates (dabs)

The best way to address this is to talk about both e-liquid vape pens and dry herb vape pens in the same article.

Vape Pens for E-Juice

a red vape pen with lidThere were few options and flavors to choose from when electronic cigarettes first hit the market. What is commonly referred to as “cig-a-likes” or disposables were simply the only choices. This situation was ideal for some cigarette smokers, but some of them felt they needed more power and flavor and an enhanced overall experience to keep them away from their traditional smokes. Fortunately, after a few years, vape pen, or “e-Go”, was born, and it changed the vaping world forever, so today these amazingly powerful and compact vaporizers are the most popular vaporizer type for intermediate vapers. Consider vape pens to be the “Goldilocks” of e-cigs, not to big and not to small. Just the perfect size and the right amount of vapor for the average vaper.

The unique vaping device has simply opened the world to a whole new vaping experience. The addition of “tank” to hold your choice of e-juice and a significantly large battery has been accredited for this improvement. The daily vaper had a vaping device that they use at any time throughout the day. The vape pen tank holds the e-juice and most of them easy to take apart for re-filling and is made from plastics, making them more durable. These minor changes helped to bring the vaping experience to an entirely new level.

Many vapers like vape pens over the bigger mod style electronic cigarettes because of their simplicity, overall size, and no-hassle use. Most vape pens are thin and easy to conceal and use. This convenience arises due to the lack of buttons and power setups, which make setting up the device pretty easy. You simply need to unscrew the tank lid, pour juice into the reservoir, twist the vape pen together and screw the device to the battery, and that is all you require.

For individuals who need a little more control of their vaping experience, our list of the top vape pens highlights some of our favorite pens. Many of them have a variable voltage dial giving you the option to either increase or decrease the voltage with a few clicks of a button. Variable voltage, or VV for short, is another big advantage these vape types have over the smaller cig-a-like style. VV allows you control over the atomizer’s (heating coil) output, thus changing the flavor of your e-juice to suit your tastes.

Of course, if you are just starting out with vape pens, do yourself a favor and buy a starter kit that includes everything you need so you don’t have to piece together components. Most kits come with 1-2 e-cig batteries, 1 e-juice tank, and a USB and AC charger. Don’t forget to get a bottle or two of your favorite e-juice to go with your new starter kit!

Vape Pens For Herbs

recommended portable vaporizer for herbsWith the e-cig boom, advancements in technology have shrunken desktop vaporizers into small, cordless, and very portable devices you can carry in your pocket. Highlighted my the recent end to prohibition of Marijuana in many states, these little pocket puffers are some of most popular types of vaporizers.

Because the herbs are being vaporized, this method can be incredibly useful and more efficient to that of the traditional smoking session. Many herbal vaporizer users are not tobacco users at all, but medical marijuana patients who want a cleaner way to deliver their meds. And of course, the recreational users love these vaporizers as well.

A true herbal vaporizer will not burn the herbs, but rather vaporize just the active ingredients by heating up the herb to a temperature below combustion, but hot enough to release the desired ingredients. This method of use reduces the unpleasant combustion process while still providing the desired effect, simular to how e-juice compares to analog cigarettes.


Vape Pens For Waxes and Oils

Marijuana waxWaxes and oils round out is the third option that some vape pens can vaporize. A typical wax or “dab” is concentrated THC and requires a very small amount of product to get the desired results. The extraction process removes the unwanted plant materials and leaves a concentrated wax that is then vaporized.

Using a wax product requires a special type of heating chamber. Most of these wax chambers are ceramic or glass and do not allow the wax or oils to leak out when they turn to a liquid as they are heated up. You don’t want to put wax or oils in your e-juice tank, you would not only destroy your tank, but you would most likely ruin your wax or oil, double bummer.

There are, however, some vape pens that can accommodate e-liquid, dry herbs, and waxes and oils, all in one device. The V2 Pro Series 3 and the Series 7 can vaporize all three materials. These vaporizers use different, interchangeable tanks for each of the three materials. Simply take one tank off and replace it with the desired tank and fill, easy.