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A truly organic ejuice is very hard to find. It must contain no PG in its base or flavoring, use only natural flavors, and source its nicotine from tobacco plants grown without pesticides or other chemicals. The Florida-based Kind Juice company produces the best organic ejuice on the market today by combining all of these things with great taste and a smooth finish. It is safe to say we love this company and its products quite a bit.

Many vapers are starting to look beyond the label to discover what is truly in their ejuice. Most manufacturers do not explain anything that occurs outside of their laboratory, leaving their customers in the dark on what is really in their ejuice. Kind Juice is one of the few that provides information on its products starting from when the ingredients were planted. For more details on the company’s sourcing practices, click on this link called “Our Ingredients.” Their dedication to an all-natural, organic product is truly impressive.

Every Kind Juice product uses 100 percent USP VG as a base. Better yet, the VG is sourced from vegetables grown without pesticides and extracted using hydrolysis, a process which maximizes each plant’s yield without compromising its natural purity. The company’s nicotine is derived from tobacco plants grown exclusively in the United States without pesticides or other artificial growth enhancers. It’s also extracted via a process called Supercritical Fluid Extraction that requires no chemicals or other solvents. Instead, a cold/closed refinement process is used to protect the product from potentially harmful exposure to light, heat, and oxygen. The result can be called truly organic, a rare thing in today’s vape juice market.

The benefits of this organic approach are many. The product performs incredibly well, producing huge clouds and a very clean, smooth taste with minimal difficulty. It also has a longer shelf life than many of its competitors. Furthermore, the lack of artificial chemicals lends the product a pure flavor, especially where its Route 66 flavor is concerned. Route 66 is a natural tobacco flavor that does an excellent job of reproducing the taste of a traditional cigarette, an especially useful trait for vapers still looking to kick the habit for good. Kind Juice also offers a number of different exotic flavors to complement its more traditional offerings, so everyone will be able to find something they like in their catalog. If you are a sub-ohmer or an RDA user, their E-Gel Drip Collection should not be missed.
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Kind Juice products are available in a variety of different nicotine levels and sizes. In addition to a nicotine free option, the company offers a 3mg level, 6mg level, 12mg level, and 18mg level ejuice. Higher nicotine levels produce a bigger throat hit, so base your purchasing decision on how much of a hit you are looking for. Regardless of your chosen nicotine level, a 15-milliliter container will set you back $13.50, 30 milliliters will cost $25.99, and the 50-milliliter container costs $39.99. The best value is in the larger sizes, and we can assure you that this product is good enough to stock up on. Combo packs are also available if you want to try a number of different flavors before you commit to one. Your complete list of options is below:

Flavor Options

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Tobacco Ridge

While many vapers are partial to their chosen brand of ejuice, Kind Juice’s unprecedented dedication to an organic product is something everyone should be able to get behind. The company takes pride in removing many of the harmful chemicals hiding in their competitors’ products, ensuring that their customers get a good value even if they are not the cheapest option on the market. Put simply, Kind Juice offers the best vape juice on the market today. Try them today to take your vaping experience to a whole new level!

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