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E-cig For Light Smokers

Initially, when the first electronic cigarettes were created they looked and worked much like a real cigarette. The coloring, shape, and function looked aesthetically pleasing and the vapor discharge added its own flare, complete with a red light at the tip resembling the color of a traditional burn. It seemed to target the consumer that wanted to quit smoking, maybe had tried before, but had not been successful and is still trying.

The downfall of the ceramic cigarette was the feel of the ceramic shell, the cold temperature of the touch on your lip, and the fact that many places still considered it to be contraband and would not allow them.

The added content was not regulated by any government agency worldwide, which resulted in a variety of contaminants being added, which really defeated the purpose of trying to make the transition for the health value. The cost seemed cheaper than paper cigarettes, they were readily available, and there were no enormous taxes added at the register.  

The e-cig is certainly trendy, innovative, and has a large target audience. So, is it a surprise to anyone that the market has exploded globally around this concept. The return on investment and lack of regulation surely opened the door for rapid growth. One issue that tipped the scales to the e-cig landslide was the legislation passing that stated that no longer could tobacco companies offer incentives for ‘miles’ or the bar coded part of the cigarette box when redeemed.

Before this time, most large tobacco companies quite generously offered luxurious rewards for buying their products. The miles could be kept and redeemed online for all sorts of prizes such as cameras, televisions, clothing, etc. You could even get coupons for $10 off a carton or a coupon for a free carton of cigarettes of your brand of choice, if you had enough points.

Even though the cost sky rocketed, due to increased tax additions, consumers still felt justified in paying a ridiculous price for the same product. The consumer seemed to feel that their commitment to their chosen brand was valued by the company and they felt overall appreciated. When the legislation passed and made this no longer an option, consumers dramatically lost interest.

Good supply and demand, created a huge opening for an innovative and forward thinking solution such as the electronic cigarette. What a brilliant idea, right. No terrible taxes, price competitive, and very modern trendy.

Research and development has come a long way since the first electronic cigarette was created and the selection of electronic cigarettes and accessories is amazingly huge and can be obtained worldwide. With the Internet reaching a global audience the opportunity to develop a niche in the market place was a great opportunities for suppliers and manufacturers.

As more and more companies started producing the product, rapid expansion and innovation in design followed.  The look of the product can be purchased in virtually any color, many styles and shapes, and can be obtained rather quickly. The flavor selection range from sweet, to savory, to extremely organic. No matter your taste, there is a pleasing flavor out there for everyone.

Manufactures have tailored the product to a light smoker, a medium smoker, and a heavy smoker allowing for the consumer to control how much vapor is produced, how much nicotine is added, and the size of the batter; which are all very important considerations when purchasing this product.

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