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If you are looking for a vaping device that combines raw power with ease of use, look no further than Mig Vapor’s Neo Sub-ohm Vape Mod Kit. The device does not bother with fancy settings or excess buttons, automatically dialing in the perfect settings for every vape instead. This allows new users to vape like an experienced vaper as soon as they begin their vaping journey. Its long battery life and huge four mL e-liquid tank make it the best box mod money can buy.

While most sub-ohm vaping devices require a good deal of technical expertise to figure out, the Neo requires only two things of its users. You pick the e-liquid you want to vape, and you choose which of the two sub-ohm compatible coils you want to use. The kit includes a 0.4-ohm kanthal coil and a Nickel 200 0.2 ohm coil, and the device automatically adjusts your settings every time you swap them. The Neo has excellent airflow controls on both the tank and the mouthpiece that allow you to get the hit you want without worrying about complicated variable settings. Otherwise, you just let the Neo produce massive clouds with 100 watts of power without any effort at all on your part. An easier experience is difficult to imagine.

The value of an easy to use mod is not to be underestimated. While others are dealing with having to adjust temperature settings in half-degree increments, endlessly searching for just the right amount of ohm, trying to read an unclear OLCD screen, or hesitating to try a different coil because they do not want to lose the settings they finally settled on; you will be enjoying an excellent vaping experience without all of the hassles. It would be different if you had to settle for a lesser experience, but the Neo’s cloud production is simply fantastic.

The machine is also very durable. The 4500 mAh battery boasts an incredibly long battery life, frequently lasting two full days before I had to recharge it. It’s also easy to recharge when it is finally necessary via a convenient USB port located on the bottom of the device. The rechargeable battery means that you never need to worry about running to a store for a replacement, a perk that even many of the best box mods do not offer. The starter kit also includes the battery, avoiding a hidden cost that novice vapers may not know to include in their calculations.

The 4 mL e-liquid tank also lasts a long time. I frequently went an entire day without needing to add e-liquid! When it is time to add some, you’ll know about it immediately thanks to the tank’s see through Pyrex glass construction. Its top fill design is very user-friendly, making e-liquid as easy as possible to pour in.

I also love the feel of this device in my hand. Its finish is almost satin-like, providing an ideal balance of smoothness and an easy to grip surface. Its aluminum construction also makes the device as sturdy as possible while keeping it lightweight, ensuring that it can stand up to the rigors of your daily life.

Device specifications:Migvapor Neo Box Mod Review

  • 4500 mAh Battery
  • Neo Box Mod Tank
  • 100 Watts Capacity
  • Auto-Adjusting Variable Voltage
  • Sub-ohm Capable
  • Choice of Green or Purple Design
  • 4 mL Capacity Tank
  • Top and Bottom Fill Tank
  • Easy Top Fill Slot
  • Tank and Mouthpiece Airflow Adjustments

Between the lack of an OLCD screen and the life of both the battery and the tank, the Neo travels incredibly well. Other devices may get scratched or damaged if you take them on an adventure. OLCD screens and precise buttons do not stand up to the elements well. The Neo performs far better in more rugged settings. It does not have the ecig components most likely to malfunction, and you do not need to worry about replacing batteries or carrying around e-liquid either. You can go camping for an entire weekend without worrying about ecig maintenance at all! Even if you are happy with your current ecig, the Neo is a great box mod for when you are on the go. While I used to use tube mods on vacation, I plan to use the Neo from now on.

As much as I like the Neo’s power, ease of use, and portability, it does have a few downsides. Experienced vapers may find it frustrating to be unable to choose their own settings, though the device’s cloud production is so strong I doubt it could be improved much even with adjustable settings. The Neo also cannot be charged while in use, a problem I never ran into thanks to its excellent battery life. Even in the worst case scenario, it is easy enough to switch to another device while this one charges. While I applaud the decision to include the battery to help out novice users, e-liquid could have been included as well. You need it to get started, and beginners may not know that they need to purchase it separately. Personally, I would prefer the USB charging port to be on the side, not the bottom, of the box mod, but that is getting really nit-picky. This is one box mod deserving of five stars.

Overall, I really like the Neo and plan to use it regularly. Its ease of use is perfect for vapers who want a powerful mod that they can actually figure out, while its simple design is ideal for those constantly on the move. The inclusion of a battery also makes it an ideal choice as a gateway into the world of vaping. The starter kit is available in either green or purple and includes the Neo box mod and tank themselves, the battery, two sub-ohm coils, a USB charger, tank seals in your chosen color, and an owner’s manual.

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