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Ploom’s PAX Herbal Vaporizer Review

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Pax by Ploom herbal review


As a highly recommended herbal vape, the PAX by Ploom packs a tremendous amount of power in a compact package. Don’t be fooled by its modest size, this small kit has everything you could possibly need for an easy and incredible vaping experience and can heat up in under a minute. Its sleek, compact style makes it extremely popular among stealth vapers.

The oven or the heating element is situated at the bottom of the unit and can be easily accessed via the oven door. Just push on one side and it will open on the other so that you can easily remove the door. The door is held securely in place by magnets and once it is snapped in place, it will stay put throughout the entirety of your vaping session. After you have opened the oven up, you can use your herb of choice to fill the chamber.

The best herb is finely ground and it is important to tightly pack the bowl in order to create heat that is more uniform all around. To activate and use the device, simply press down on the mouthpiece to raise it to an elevated position, which incidentally turns the device on. The unit light at the front of the device will turn a purple hue and brighten which means that the device has begun to heat up. The PAX is currently among the fastest heating units out there and can reach top temperatures in less than one minute. After your PAX has heated to the temperature that you’ve pre-set, the light will become green and you’ll be ready to go.
This unit also includes a feature for motion detection and this means that while using the device and making normal vaping motions with it, the oven will remain heated and ready. But, if you put your device down and leave it lying still for approximately 20 seconds, it will transition to standby mode, the light will become blue and the temperature in the oven will drop down. If unmoved for two minutes or more, the PAX will shut off automatically. But, once you pick it back up again, it will instantly return to heating and the purple light will come back on until the oven is properly heated and ready for use, upon which, the indicator light will turn green. Even though some of this might sound fairly complex, this is an excellent feature for preserving the life of your battery. Moreover, given that the unit heats up so fast, the time that it takes for the oven to reheat is nominal, to say the least.


In terms of battery life, the PAX battery can retain its charge for approximately one hour of use, which is plenty of time for most users, even if this isn’t as long as the battery lives of many PAX competitors; most find that the battery life is excellent, particularly when considering the small, overall size of the unit. There is additionally an indicator for battery life so that you always know how much power is left when using this highly recommended herbal vape.
You can pull out the mouthpiece to alter the temp setting, this will cause the indicator light to glow orange and it will also reveal an interior chamber. You will find a lighted button in this chamber that can be depressed in order to alter the temperature setting. The PAX has three temperature settings; when pushing the lighted button in the interior chamber, the light will glow red meaning that the unit is on high, orange if at medium setting and yellow for when the oven is on low. A lot of vapers, including myself, tend to prefer the orange setting above the others.
You will find that the user guide is especially well designed, so don’t simply toss it out, even if you normally treat user guides this way. It is strategically laid out, easy to understand and rich with pictures and so, you will definitely want to keep it on hand. Another impressive feature of the PAX is its charging port, which rests easily on the dock charger so that you can always charge your unit in a space that is both visible and safe.

In The Boxbest herbal vapes of 2016

  • Vaping Screen
  • Oven Lid
  • Charging Cord
  • Charging Dock
  • Mouthpiece
  • 5 Cleaning Tools
  • 5 Cleaning Wipes
  • 2 Lubricant Packets
  • Specifications
  • User Guide
  • Unit Dimensions: 4 1/8 in. by 1 2/5 in. by 7/8 in.
  • Oven Dimensions: 7/8 in. by 3/8 in. by 3/8 in.
  • Lithium-ion Battery that can recharge in just two hours
  • Internal Accelerometer
  • Aluminum Exterior

*You will also get cleaning wipes and tools with your PAX Vaporizer along with the charging dock, a few packets of lubricant and a screen. This unit is sleek and stealthy, making it one of the best entry units for people who want a super easy vape for dry tobacco, marijuana or any other herbs.


Final Word

The Ploom brand has certainly outdone itself with the PAX and its spectacular style. This is an amazing design with a sleek look and a clearly intentional arrangement of features; there is absolutely no space wasted. Users won’t find any screens or buttons that are unnecessary and the device itself looks more like a conventional e-cig than nearly all other vaporizers for dry herb that are currently on the market which gives it a stealthy vibe that people love. When the mouthpiece is pressed down, it is virtually impossible to guess that these devices unit can be used to vape marijuana, which is why it is the preferred option among stealthy vapers. The unit does heat up a bit at the bottom when being used. It appears to get warm quite fast, but it never progresses to actually being hot. It tends to remain in this heated state throughout use, but is never really dangerous because of it.

This unit does require a bit more maintenance and cleaning than many of the other dry herb vaporizers that I have tried in the past. Although you may need to clean it more frequently, the process is easy and the kit contains plenty of cleaning tools and resources for simplifying the job. If you happen to be a bit lazy about cleaning and maintaining your paraphernalia and devices, this may not be the best option for you. All vaporizers, however, require thorough and diligent cleaning, so I don’t really find this to be a major deal breaker. One drawback that I’ve found in the PAX is insufficient temperature control. I keep my device set to medium. I do, however, think that I might prefer the temperature to be just a few degrees lower, but not so low as the low setting dictates. I wish that the unit had more options for temperature setting. Most users appear to be content with the medium setting and I usually am as well. Maybe temperature control is not such a big deal given that the production of vapor is extremely successful.

The PAX produces incredible cloud hits. As opposed to other herbal vapes that make you feel like you’re hardly getting a hit, the PAX is guaranteed to deliver. It always provides an amazingly clean hit and an impressive vapor.

It is important to note that this vaporizer is only for dry herbs and thus, you can’t use dabs or oils, but a couple of hits using the PAX and you will hardly miss these products. While I’m not a huge fan of the party games that the PAX supplies, there are several modes that can transition the LED indicator light into a party game. Even if this isn’t something that you enjoy, it does speak volumes about the originality of this brand.
Ultimately, the PAX delivers as promised and it’s a unique unit that has plenty of style and the ability to produce great vapor. It is the perfect dry herb vaporizer for vaping enthusiasts who are in search of a consistently satisfying vaping experience.

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