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Rebel 3 Vape Mod


Recently, Vaporfi introduced several more devices (before the August 8, 2016, deadline) – supplementing their already big vaporizer range. The latest one is the Rebel 3, and this ranks among the top sub ohm vaporizer mods we have had the pleasure to use. This device has since received the highest positive reviews and has been rated as one of the best vape mods to have been released.

This robust vape mod has a straightforward two-part design (battery plus tank), and it is as near to perfect as we have witnessed for ages. The quality is evident instantly after picking it up, with no rattles and a completely symmetrical battery and tank with smooth threading. Undoubtedly, this vaporizer will become the new benchmark, when assessing these types of devices. Arriving in stainless steel and black, the Rebel 3 both feels and looks top draw, and the vapor generation compliments this to a T. The most discerning of vapers will like the cloud generator, and novice sub ohm users will enjoy its’ user friendly nature, due to its’ single button and easily fillable tank.

This beginner kit has everything required to get going. With a huge 5.7 ml tank — massive 3000 mAh internal battery and charging lead, with pass-through capability, along with a wall adapter. The permanent battery is charged through the USB lead. The button for firing is big, which is a massive benefit for people who vape while driving. It is sufficiently big so that users can fire it using their palms, rather than their fingers or thumbs — a small detail, but an important one nonetheless.

The 5.7 ml tank has a 0.5-ohm atomizer fitted, along with an additional one. The flow of air is separate from the tank. This means that the tank does not have to be turned when the airflow is adjusted. Also, it has a tiny indentation to further facilitate the adjusting. One notable advantage with this flow of air is that it fits tightly, so after you locate your desired flow spot, it will not move unless you do this yourself. Usually, I don’t need to move it to the position I want it in.

I use the black model personally, and to date, it has not been scratched much from daily use, and fingerprints do not show up. This mod is rather heavy, however, because of its’ short length it is easy to fit in my pocket.

With its’ single button functionality, there’s the minimum of extras here. People who enjoy fiddling with lots of power options and settings should look elsewhere. People who want simplicity, lots of flavor and vapor generation will be more than happy. This vape mod is extremely unique because of what comes with it. Although some of the features are present in other devices, the quality of the Rebel 3 is unmatched. Here are some of the things that come with this device:

Inside The Box Vaporfi Rebel 3

  • One Rebel 3 Tank (complete with pre-fitted 0.5 ohm Atomizer)Rebel 3 sub-ohm vaporizer
  • One Rebel 3 Battery
  • One 0.5 ohm Rebel 3 Atomizer and tank
  • One USB Lead
  • One Wall Adapter
  • One User Manual


  • 3000 mAh Power Capacity
  • 5.8 ml Tank Capacity
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Resistance Range: 0.25 ohm to 0.5 ohm
  • Charger Input: 100-240V-50 / 60HZ 100 mA
  • Charger Model: BEK – QC – 001
  • Charger Output: 5.0 V = 1000 mA



Closing Thoughts

After fourteen days of using the Rebel 3, it will be difficult for me to stop using this device every day. Its’ long battery life and size have made this my most reliable mod bar none. People who enjoy swapping different flavors regularly may not like the 5.7 ml tank — however, I just vape a small number of flavors each month, so the large tank is an advantage to me.

Attractive appearance, big clouds, and single button functionality ensure that this ranks among our best mods to date. Now that regulations have tightened up, it may be years until decent new devices come out, so this one will be hard to surpass at the moment.

Suffice to say; there is always room for improvement, so there are several tweaks that I would like to make to the Rebel 3. Firstly, I would like the tank to be the top fill type — this is much easier to use. However, the holding chamber is massive, so this is not the end of the world. As stated, the battery is not small, so I never lost it in my pocket. Ideally, this could be slightly lighter. And one notable gripe that took me several days to become accustomed to was the absence of ‘locking’ on the fire button. Happily, this device switches on and off extremely quickly, and there is virtually no pause from pressing the button to heating up your juice.

The permanent battery is charged through the USB lead. Certain vapers are fifty/fifty on devices that do not have removable batteries, concerned that the battery will fail and the device will malfunction. During recent years, increasing numbers of vendors are gravitating away from batteries that can be removed. I have never had a device fail because of the battery. Due to this, I always opt for the simplicity of direct USB charging.

Following several weeks of using the Rebel 3 every day, I have not had any misfires or leak problems. I suffered the occasional ‘spitting,’ which occurs during the first hit of the day, but nothing more. It is obvious to me that this is the best vape mod available, and my opinion is shared by other reviewers on the devices’ webpage. The thirty-day refund guarantee makes this a simple purchase for those who are interested.

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