Searching For The Perfect Vape Mod

How To Find The Best Vape Mod

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The best vape is any vaping device that fits your personal needs. One person’s’ idea of the best device may be a nightmare device for another. That is why it is important to understand and research the many options and models out there before spending your money. Many good vaping devices have similar features and functions, but they are all different in some way or another.

No matter the type of device you choose, there are pros and cons to each. Understanding these attributes will help you narrow down the choices and find the best vape for your needs.

Where to Start

Before you can start vaping you need to first decide on whether you want a basic or advanced model. The basic models can be just as powerful as the advanced models, they just have fewer options and features for adjustments. If you are a techie, you may enjoy a more advanced device and vice-versa for less techie users. They all have some kind of fire button and use some kind of battery. After that, it is all about size, color, and options. Many first time users prefer the popular vape pen styles or the trusty mini vape style because they are easy to use, compact, and powerful.

If you are looking for better vapor production, see our recommendation for the best mods or the best box mods. There you will find plenty of great choices to choose from or read some reviews to see the best features and details about each device before you shop.

A Sea of Choices

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Finding the best vape mod that fits your individual needs is not as easy as picking up your favorite brand of smokes. There are many more choices and decisions to be made when buying the electric models. Unfortunately, frustration often scares off less techie smokers from using these oversized e-cigs.

We understand this! So we made a handy list of the most popular and most dependable devices available for you to research before you buy.

First of all, you should understand the different categories of vaping devices. That way you know that any device in that group is going to have similar features and size.

There are two main qualities that vapers are looking for. Power and size. Some vapers want the most powerful model available, while others want the best-sized device. Most vapers want a blend of both, and usually, favor size over power. For this reason, there is a newer category of vaping devices called Mini Mods and they are both powerful and small. This style is best for users who want portability and power. The downside to these tiny models is that they can quickly run out of battery power and need to be charged more often.

So if you are looking for a small, powerful, and longer-lasting device, box mods may be a good solution for you. They are bigger but still fit in the pocket or purse discreetly. As well as other devices, box mods can be basic or advanced and come in many styles and price points.

Explore the different styles above and see what style may satisfy you the best. We are sure you will be able to find the best device and enjoy it like the millions of other satisfied vapers out there.  Like mentioned before, finding the best vape device starts by selecting the device category first, then narrowing down the models in that category.

Finding a Good Starter Kit

e-cig and juice

One of the most popular options when buying a mod is to get everything you need for one price. These starter kits have the mod body, a tank with extra atomizers, and sometimes if you’re lucky, a bottle of e-juice. The best part about these vape kits is that they are simple and cheaper than piecing together your own vaping setup.

Spending around $40-$80 for a quality starter kit is common. Most kits are under $100 unless you are looking for something special or unique, there is no reason to spend more on a starter kit. This price point is only for the kit (hardware), so plan on spending a few bucks more for e-juice and batteries if the vaping kit you buy doesn’t have these items.

It is important that you research your kit first. There are a lot of companies selling vaping gear and you will want to read reviews and compare prices to make sure you are getting the best deal on your vaping kit. It just so happens that you are at the right place to do that. Vaper City helps smokers and vapers find the best vapes at the best price.

How To Find The Best Vape Tank

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Besides the body of a vaping device, where the battery and electronics are housed, the other major part of a vape is the tank. This, of course, holds the nicotine liquid, also called e-liquid, e-juice, or e-juice. It also contains the heating element that vaporizes said juice. Depending on the tank you use, you will probably only be able to use a certain brand atomizer in it. Replace the atomizer, also called a coil, every so often when the flavor starts to change. Simply unscrew the tank from the body, unscrew the atomizer from the tank, and screw on a new atomizer.

There are many tanks to choose from and thankfully, the vaping industry has mostly standardized the fittings for these tanks so you are able to swap different tanks out while using the same device. Changing your tank is a great way to customize your experience without buying a new device.

There are several types of tanks available for mods and the 3 most common are:

Sub-Ohm Tanks– These are the most common types of tanks. They use pre-made coils/atomizers to heat the e-liquid and are called sub-ohm tanks because the coil electrical resistance is below 1.0 Ohm.

RDA– Stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizers and use custom build atomizers, set on a “build deck”, in different configurations, depending on the need. E-juice is dripped onto the coil and does not use a tank to hold the excess e-liquid.

RTA– These are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers and they use rebuildable decks just like the RDA style, but with a tank to hold more e-juice.

If you are in search of a good tank that will give you the best flavor, visit our best vape tank page and read some of the reviews. This is an important component to finding the perfect mod, so make sure you read reviews and see what other vapers have to say about them before you buy.

How to Find The Best Vape Juice

several bottles of e-juice

If you think that all e-juice is the same, you are wrong. There are many different e-juices out there. Beware of the cheapest e-juice, there is a reason it is cheaper. If you didn’t buy the cheapest pack of smokes when you smoked, you should start that now. Good quality e-juice is not expensive either. Somewhere in the middle is a happy place of satisfying flavors and blissful vaping.

Buying from a trusted e-juice vendor is the only trick. The best vendors are committed to building their reputation among this new, tech-savvy, customer base. These vapers expect their e-juice to be top-shelf and at a reasonable price. If they are not happy, the rest of the internet will hear about it. So buy from a reputable e-juice company and save yourself a headache, literally.

Visit our Best E-Juice page to learn more about the most trusted and popular vendors.

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Popular Vape Styles

Vapes are geared more towards heavy smokers, intermediate vapers, and advanced users who want more out of their vaping experience. However, you don’t have to be an advanced user or techie to use a vape! There are basic styles as well as advanced styles.

There are sub-categories of vapes that help differentiate all the devices from one another. Knowing these differences is important to understanding what device might work better for you. The categories are separated by body style and these styles are usually pretty descriptive. This makes it easy to visualize each category.

What is the Difference Between an E-Cig and a Vape?

The term “Vape” is an umbrella term for the separate sub-styles of e-cigarette devices such as pens, mods, box mods, mini vapes, and sometimes herbal vaporizers. For ease of understanding, a vape is an electronic cigarette that doesn’t look like a cig-a-like e-cig, e-cigar, or a vape pen.

Vapes are different than e-cigs in both size and power and because of this, they come in many different styles. Each style has advantages and disadvantages that cater to usage and needs of the users. By understanding how you use your current device, you will be able to make a better choice.

Vapes Have More Power Than E-Cigs

For the most part, vapes are more powerful, have longer battery life, and are more durable than regular e-cigs. That means they are bigger and heavier as well, but there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Many of the larger devices will use a removable and rechargeable battery, normally an IMR 18650 battery. For the most part, a single charge could last two to three days without needing another charge.

Some popular models have removable batteries. Devices with removable batteries are designed for advanced users, while the built-in battery styles are for basic users. If you buy a vape with a built-in battery, consider buying two devices so you can use one while the other is charging.

Depending on your device, the power output from the battery to the heating element may depreciate as the battery drains. Basic vapes may reduce the vapor as your battery drains, so as you get closer to a dead battery, you might notice a drop in vapor production. More advanced vapes will give you a continuous, stable, supply of power until the battery is drained to a point that it can’t provide that level of power, even if there is some power left in the battery. Either way, as a safety precaution, your device will not fire if your battery gets too low.

Basic Vapes

tiny vapes

Some of the more basic devices don’t have LCD screens, adjustment buttons, or removable batteries. These devices work well for vapers wanting simplicity and a “one button” experience. Basic vapes are cheaper and are better suited for beginners and non-techies.  These one button devices are common in the Pen category and Mini Vape category They are just a powerful as any other device, just without the fancy features that advanced vapers like to use.

Advanced Vapes

For techies and hobbyists, advanced vapes offer full control over many of the variables involved with vaporization of e-liquids. This can be in the form of adjustments to the watts, volts, ohms that are delivered to the heating element. From there, advanced users can choose what type of metals to use in the heating element, the medium of the material that holds the e-juice, and even customize the tanks and mouth-pieces.

These users usually, but not always, are aware of the consequences of their tinkering. Advanced users who are not properly educated on the risks of hacking high-capacity batteries are the people you usually read about in the news when their device explodes.

If you would like to become an advanced vaper, do yourself a favor and go to a vape shop and talk to the employees there about the options and risks involved. You can also find great info online about how to use and adjust advanced models.

Final Word

Finding the best vape for your needs is not too difficult. Once you understand how and where you will be vaping, you will be much better equipped to make the best buying choice.

There is no reason to spend a ton of money and time in search of the perfect device. Find a good quality vaping device or look at some vape starter kits, make sure you have a good tank with some extra coils, and grab a nice bottle of e-juice. That’s all you really need to be a satisfied vaper!

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