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Our series of box mod reviews continues with the Innokin SmartBox. The device is small enough for stealth-vaping and very easy to use, but has a number of problems that prevent me from listing it among the best box mods. Still, it is a strong option for beginners and may serve veteran vapers as a more discreet vaping option.

Using the SmartBox could not possibly be easier. First, you screw in your preferred atomizer/tank, the mod itself will automatically detect what has been screwed into it and adjusts the wattage accordingly, mitigating the number of menus users need to navigate through. This feature is really helpful if you have multiple tanks. The device is turned on with three simple clicks of the power button. LED screens display remaining battery life, vaping mode, and wattage mode, making it easy to determine when a recharge or battery replacement is necessary. An easy to remove battery cap cover makes swapping batteries a simple process as well.

The Innokin SmartBox is constructed of quality materials, helping it feel sturdy in the hand. It will not break if you drop it once. It is also lightweight enough to grab it and go out with minimal difficulty. The SmartBox also has a sophisticated look that makes it easy to use in public.

The starter kit includes an iSub V tank that is just as easy to use as the box mod it comes with. You can pour e-juice directly into the top of the tank, so refilling it is simple. The tank is also clear in coloration, allowing you to clearly see when refilling it is necessary. The tank also employs a no spill coil swap system, creating an easier vaping experience.

The flat tip that comes with this kit is a major plus for those transitioning into using a bigger, more power device. This tip allows you to vape a more “mouth-to-lung” hit thus allowing you to gradually adjust to direct lung vaping (sub-ohm) over time if you choose to. Every kit should come with this attachment as its so handy for beginners. The smaller 1.2ohm atomizer is recommended to be used with this flat tip, but I have been using this tip on a many of my different devices ( with lower than 1.2 atomizers) as the delivery of vape seems to generate a greater lung hit.

The first and most obvious downside is a 45W wattage capacity, this may be a little too weak to satisfy heavy vapers. Veterans will also bemoan the lack of controls to fiddle with, as the device’s settings cannot be manually adjusted. Temperature control options are also absent, as the device is not compatible with the nickel and titanium coils necessary for them. The 510-threading however, does maximize how much of an existing atomizer collection can be used with the SmartBox, since the majority of tanks comes with 510 threads.

Lacking so many options veteran vapers have come to expect, it seems obvious that the SmartBox is aimed at new users. They, too, will discover a few problems with it though. The required 18650 battery and charger are not included in the starter kit, forcing new users to navigate unfamiliar waters in order to actually use the device. E-juice is not included either, but so many so-called starter kits share this problem that it is relatively easy to overlook. The included tank has a capacity of only two milliliters, forcing novices to refill the tank more often than they would like to. Make sure to pick up an 18650 battery and a bottle of vape juice if this is your first vape mod. Overall, the Smartbox by Innokin is a great start for beginners who want to get into sub-ohm vaping without packing around a huge box mod.

In conclusion, Innokin’s SmartBox is easy to use and confined to a comfortably small package. It is also developed by one of the better companies in the vaping industry. It feels a little too much like a starter device, however, and lacks the conveniences (included battery, e-juice, etc.) that would be needed to excel even at that. Our list of the best box mods can point you in a better direction. But most importantly. this tiny box delivers an extremely smooth vape and simple looks awesome!

Here is what is included in the Innokin Smartbox starter kit:
One (1) Innokin Smartbox Box Mod
One (1) Innokin iSub V tank
Two (2) 0.5ohm iSub coil headsInnokin Smartbox Kit Review
One (1) 1.2ohm iSub coil head
One (1) Extra flat tip for mouth to lung vaping
One (1) Vape band
One (1) pack of extra o-rings

Coil resistance is automatically detected and optimum output for wattage can be selected
Output wattage max of 45w
Range of 0.35ohm-3.5ohm coil resistance
Output current max of 10A
4.2v maximum output voltage
One 18650 battery needed
Current wattage and power level via LED display
Protection from reverse polarity
Cut off of 15 seconds
Warning for low voltage
Protection from short circuits
Includes iSub V tank
Airflow controls
Capacity of 2ml
Easy coil swap system
Mouth – lung and direct – lung vaping
Fill at the top

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