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Full Product Overview Of New SMOK Alien 220w Box Mod

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SMOK has just delivered, what one can easily consider as one of the best box mods for our time. It is the Alien 220W TC. This box mod has a small box design, but it packs a powerful punch that vaping customers will absolutely love. If you are serious about vaping, then you will fall in love with this mod. The unit runs off of two 18650 batteries, 220 watts of power backing it up, which is enough to satisfy even the most experienced users.

Some of the features that this item has are features such as LCD screen readouts, full temperature control and more. The user has all the necessary readings at his or her disposal. In only a few seconds, one can receive information such as ohms, volts, amps and temp at the same time on the motherboard. It’s pretty cool for a person to know what the mod is doing at all times. If this interests you, then do keep reading.

The unit is designed in a complementary way. It’s designed to look extremely sleek, last a long time between charges and provide you with everything that you need for a fulfilling experience. The front side of the box is designed as the trigger. The user doesn’t have to move any fingers at all once he or she places hands on this massive fire button. It’s easy to squeeze a puff out of this device by using a basic squeeze motion. Furthermore, this unit is lightweight. It’s not as heavy as one would expect of a unit that has such massive batteries in it. It’s light weight does not detract or subtract from its sturdiness, however. It’s constructed of a zinc alloy that gives it total ability to last through your basic day-to-day abuse. Users have admitted to dropping it many times and seeing it stand strong through all the falls. That’s the type of unit that you need because it can spare you the expense of having to buy another one.

Another thing that is amazing about this item is that it looks gorgeous. It is truly a fashionable device that belongs in the museum of coolness. It only took a day of using it before I fell in love with it and I am a true believer now. Naming it one of the vape mods, when comparing it to other box mods in this category is an understatement.

You have a choice of four colors for this unit. You can choose red, blue, gray or gold. The manufacturer built it with a lot of ventilation to prevent it from overheating on you. You may be able to go up to (or at least close to) 220 watts, but I never vaped it higher than 80 watts – I personally don’t feel a big difference once going past that amount of wattage. But if you need that power, this will handle it with ease.

Once again, the trigger feature is something that makes this particular mod an awesome one. Many people will fall in love with this aspect of it alone. The SMOK Alien truly stands out because of the ergonomics of the whole thing. The manufacturers also went hard on the safety and usability of the product. It comes with a micro USB port for quick and convenient charging. It’s on the bottom of the unit, so it doesn’t get in your way. You can view the charging progress and the battery readout so that you know exactly what’s going on at all times. Efficiency should be the name of this device because the level of efficiency it displays is high.

Screen Readout
As far as displays go, the one on this unit is an OLED display, and it is the largest one that the manufacturer has released to date. The display screen provides all the information one could ever want to know. If you purchase this device, you will get so much information that you probably won’t want anymore. You will get info such as:


Wattage/Temp Readout
The overall puff count
The puff length
Dual battery readout

Are you getting that you will be receiving a lot of information? Good. The barrage of information that it provides makes it one of the most convenient and secure mods on the market. This alone puts it in a specific category of great box mods.

One of the features that may interest you is the battery “series” connection feature. This feature was put in place to prevent your unit from shorting while you were trying to enjoy its many positive features. Another thing that this feature does is it prevents the current from exceeding what it is supposed to be. You will have no problem if one of your batteries dies with all these great features in place.

The Size of the Tank

The last device from SMOK has a tank that was a little smaller than the tank on this model is. This tank, which goes by the name of the TFV4 Baby Beast Tank, has a 3mL capacity. The airflow is amazing on this tank despite its slightly smaller size. It’s a top-loading model, too, which makes it incredibly easy to fill and refill. The engine coils that this model has are the same as on previous models. The vapor product matches that of the previous device. The TFV4 Mini Sub-tank comes with the Alien 220 Starter Kit found here.

The Way the Unit Functions

This unit gives you something that other units just do not give all the time: versatility. You will have a ton of versatility when it comes to wattage and temperature. This mod can go as low as a single watt, or it can soar to about 220 watts. The atomizer coils can operate between .1 and 3 ohms, as well. The 510 connection makes this unit compatible with many other models. The flexibility and versatility make it an easy unit to be used by vapers and smokers of various levels. You will never get tired of using this because you can use it so many interesting ways.

The Ease of Upgradability

All devices need upgrades nowadays because innovation doesn’t slow down. You can upgrade your device anytime you like, which makes it an awesome investment. Your box mod needs to be ready to accept new changes and new piece of information because these units are changing every single day. Fortunately, this model is like that. You can upgrade it without any strain or strife. All you have to do is perform a quick software upgrade, and you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about buying a new box every time a new option comes out. That alone will allow you to save tons of money. Saving money is awesome when the products that you love allow you to do it.

The Conclusion Is Simple

If you would like to have a powerful mod box that is lightweight and easily manageable, choose the SMOK Alien 200W Box Mod Starter Kit. It is hands down one of the best box mods being sold because it gives all of its users a high level of customization potential. Furthermore, it allows customers to save money thanks to the upgradability option instead of dishing out more money for a newer model. With the progressiveness of vaping (or lack thereof) this device should stay atop of our rankings by handling all the important aspects you look for in a box mod. Easy five stars!

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