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Basic Things To Know About Sub-ohm Vaping

sub-ohm vaping safetySub-Ohm Vaping – What Is It And Is It Safe?

Should you be new to the world of e-liquids, atomizers, and e-cigarettes, you may not be familiar with those that are into sub-ohm vaping, in the vaping community. This most likely has you Googling, and trying to find out just what it is all about, and just why anyone would be doing it. After all, you don’t want to miss out on something good, just because of a lack of knowledge. Of course, you always want to make certain that whatever it might turn out to be, it isn’t anything that would be a danger to your personal health and well-being.

As you will soon discover, the topic is a bit ‘controversial’, and you soon see that many people do get swept up in the pseudoscience and hype that surround it. The good news for you the newcomer is that you are going to be reading about sub-ohm vaping here, and whatever questions you might have will be answered for you.

Sub-Ohm Vaping Basics

Vaping which uses a device whose atomizer coils contain a less than one-ohm resistance is basically what sub-ohm vaping is. Scientific units are what ohms are, and they are put to use measuring electrical resistance. An ohm resistance range of between 1.5 and 3 ohms are what is expected in traditional vaporizers. Now let’s be real here – this may be interesting to the layman, but it really isn’t any great explanation. The reason that vapers have a deep interest in ohms is because when it comes to unlocking the true flavor potential of their devices, they are the keys!

Vapers can manually reduce the coil ohm resistance to under one(sub-ohm) when they are seeking to enhance the flavor experience, and the unit’s power output will be effectively increased. There will be more flavor when there is more power.

It is really easy to explain this power/flavor equation. More heat is generated by coils where the resistance is less than one ohm, thereby at any one time vaporizing more liquid – and this will result in a flavor that is much more robust and concentrated.

It Is Nice To Have More Flavor, But Is Modifying A Vaporizer Dangerous?

The unfortunate news with this question is that there is no clear-cut, black and white answer. When any modifying outside the specs is done on an electronic device, there can always be some possible inherent danger, but sub-ohm vaping can be accomplished safely.

The practice is considered to be dangerous by many people, because as the ohm resistance of the coils is decreased, the vaping device amps increase. Naturally, this will generate a greater amount of heat, and also put a strain on the power supply. The device can be caused to explode when the power supply is strained, or less disastrous it can simply ruin your vaporizer. This can and does sound very dangerous and scary, but you should also be aware that certain products which are available on the market can and will help you sub-ohm safely!

The practice of converting a vaporizer to sub-ohm, before the advent of sub-ohm tanks, was time-consuming and manually intensive. You should get in touch with your local vape shop, if you are interested, and they will be glad to assist you with reviewing the sub-ohm tank that for your device will work best.

Compared With Conventional Vaping, Is Sub-Ohm Vaping More Costly?

The cost is probably the only drawback to sub-ohm vaping. Don’t be too scared, it won’t put you deeply in debt, but it does cost more than vaping sans modifications. In general, you will go through the e-juice much faster, if you are sporting a sub-ohm modification. And at a much faster rate you will see the power supply of your unit drain, so if you have not already done so, investing in a decent portable power supply makes a lot of sense. But for the majority of vapors, the enjoyment of their product far outweighs any additional costs incurred.sub-ohm vaping 101

Consider A Sub-Ohm Clearomizer, If You Are Seeking To Try It

If you are feeling some trepidation about modifying your vaporizer so that you can give sub-ohm vaping a try, do not be discouraged! The popularity of sub-ohm vaping has grown so quickly that out of the box sub-ohm clearomizers are being made available by manufacturers. All your qualms should be put to rest!

Before You Decide, One Last Caveat

Massive plumes of vapor are produced by sub-ohm vaping, so you should prepare yourself to receive some stares.

We hope this information was helpful in your journey finding out about ecigs as cessation device!

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