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2017’s Top Eliquid and Ejuice Vendor Reviews

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What's the Best Nicotine Strength?

what is the best e-juice strength image of man filling his e-cigNicotine strengths in e-juice are available in a variety of concentrations in order to suit individual preferences and needs. This feature is an extremely important one to consider given that it provides e-cigarette users with the opportunity to lower their nicotine intake on an easy and gradual basis, which is not the case with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

A lot of vapers opt to use liquids that are entirely nicotine-free in order to sate their smoking habits or their hand to mouth cravings. For a lot of people, the goal is to start with a higher nicotine level and work down gradually to an e-juice without any nicotine so that the process is easy and they don’t start craving tobacco cigarettes along the way.

When starting, look for a higher nicotine strength like 18mg to see if you appreciate the taste and whether it is capable of satisfying. You can then start working towards a lower strength and if you want, you can eventually down to nicotine-free.

E-juice nicotine concentration levels are typically listed on the bottles of these products in the form of mg/ml. Doses are not standardized, and thus, you’ll find that different manufacturers have their own dosing levels. There are, however, general guidelines that most manufacturers adhere to. Below are the 4 most common levels of nicotine levels in e-juices.



Just VG and PV and flavors

Low Nicotine


 .3 % and .6% nicotine content

Medium Nicotine


.9% and 1.2% nicotine content

High Nicotine


1.8% to 3.6% nicotine content


How To Find The Best E-Juice Flavor

strawberriesThe various flavors of some popular e-juices include strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, coffee, candy, desserts, nuts and spices, and everything in between. The varieties of flavors and nicotine strengths that are currently available are limitless and that is a huge benefit to smokers who are attracted to a better flavor than the nasty tobacco flavored cigarettes.

You can select any e-juice flavor that your taste buds desire, such as the menthol flavor that I selected initially, since I was accustomed to smoking menthol cigarettes for several years. This was especially delicious and refreshing to me, but I made the decision to sample a little banana flavor as I like to select new e-juice flavors that suit my moods. Mint flavors are ideal when I desire something that is crisper and fresher, and other times I like a heavy flavor, like lemon custard or banana-cream pie.

Don’t forget that many companies sell sample packs of smaller sized bottles, so that you can try different flavors before purchasing a larger bottle. I suggest grabbing at least 3-10 smaller sized sample bottles to try before you commit to a larger bottle if you are unsure of your tastes.

After determining which flavors are to your liking, then you can fine-tune your flavor to best suit your taste. You can even combine flavors to create your own mix. Many of the more popular e-juice vendors will custom-mix your juice for you. If this is what you are looking for, look for a vendor that has a “build your own” or “mix your own” section. There you can choose from many different flavors to add to your mix.

It does not matter which flavor you decide on, the important thing is to ensure that you find the best e-juice that satisfies your desire and has a much better taste that horrid tobacco!


What's The Best PV/VG Ratio?

E-juice is the core ingredient of almost every vaporizer (minus herbal vaporizers). The tank and battery are important also, and all of these components work together to create the vapor experience you are seeking, but the e-juice is the most important component when you are looking for a satisfying e-cigarette, and understanding the difference between PG vs VG is the best starting point for deciding what is best for you.

E-juices only have three or four ingredients: pharmaceutical grade nicotine (omitted in some e-juices), flavoring, and the medium these are in, which is propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG), or both. Many vapers are unsure about the PG vs VG difference and how to make the decision about which PG/VG ratio is best for them.

What is PG?

Propylene glycol (PG) has been in use in the pharmaceutical and food industries for many decades. It is found in consumer products ranging from ice cream to asthma inhalers. PG is odorless and tasteless, and these qualities make it a superior substance for carrying the nicotine and flavorings in e-juice. PG is classified as “generally safe for human consumption” by the Food and Drug Administration. PG is also used for creating artificial clouds when firefighters are in training situations. This is a quality of PG which makes it useful in e-cigarettes, because it not only carries the nicotine well, it also gives the vaper a more realistic flavor when compaired to VG.

What is VG?

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is also categorized as a safe substance for human consumption. Also called glycerol, VG is also an almost tasteless and odorless compound made from palm, soy, or coconut oils. VG is used in many ways in consumer products, and one of the more common places to find it is in personal cosmetic products and skin creams. Glycerin is also naturally found in some kinds of vegetables, fruits, and dairy foods. VG is what the big vapor clouds are made from and while it doesn’t hold the flavor as well as PG, it makes for a thicker cloud.

VG is a thicker substance than PG. PG is absorbed by the wick more readily than VG because of this. The lighter nature of PG also means it produces less build-up of residue in the atomizer and tank inside the vaporizer. This makes it easier to clean your vaporizer when using PG compared to VG based e-juices. PG is also easier to pour into the tank because it is thinner and runnier. Many of the e-juices available today are have a PG/VG ratio of 70% PG and 30% VG.

Quality of Vapor

PG vs VG is also different in terms of the vapor they produce. Vaporizing enthusiasts who like big clouds know that VG produces the best clouds. But, again, the flavor is not as true when using a large ratio of VG.

PG, because it is thinner, heats up faster than VG. This produces hotter temperatures and a stronger throat feeling than you can get with VG. Many ex-smokers like this heavier feeling in the throat that you can get from PG. VG can also have a slightly sweet flavor which can affect the quality of the taste of the vapor. PG holds the flavors the best vs VG and gives an experience that is closer to smoking an analog cigarette, and it is preferred my many because of this.

PG vs VG and Health

A small minority of people have an allergic reaction to PG. VG is less likely to produce this reaction. Many people prefer VG because it is a more natural plant extract than PG, which is synthetically made. Allergic reactions to either are uncommon and usually consist of a mild tingling sensation in the throat. If you have an allergic reaction to PG, switching to a VG only e-juice can is your best option. You don’t have to give up on vaporizing because of it. PG can also make your mouth feel dry if used frequently, and this is not as common with VG. Some VG vapers do report a build-up of phlegm as a result of using e-juice high in VG.

Unless you have a known allergy to PG or VG, the PG vs VG difference is mostly about personal preference. Whether you love chasing the clouds or prefer enjoying the flavor, there is an e-juice base to match your style. Many vapers invest in more than one vaporizer device or multiple tanks so they can switch depending on whether they feel more like PG or VG based e-juice. This allows you to get the most out of the vaporizing experience, depending on how you feel at the moment. Learning the differences between PG vs VG bases is a big step toward creating the vapor experience that is exactly what you are looking for.


Choosing the Best Vape Juice

E-liquid also goes by the name of “ejuice” or “vape juice.” The best vape juice is the kind that has just the right level of nicotine and flavor to satisfy your cravings and your taste buds. You will want to ensure that you choose vape juice that has the flavors that you enjoy the most and that it has the amount of nicotine that you desire it to have. Nicotine levels vary. They can be higher than the average cigarette, or they can be at 0 percent. The most important factor to remember is that you need to choose your products from high-quality vendors, and try to avoid the temptation of low prices.

Your whole ecig enjoyment experience weighs heavily on the eliquid. The battery and the tank only play a small role in that they control the amount of puffs that you will get out of the product. The eliquid is king in this situation, however.

Eliquid is not a complex element. In reality, it only has three major ingredients. Its medium is made of vegetable glycerin or Propylene Glycol. Sometimes, manufacturers may mix the two ingredients. The flavoring is another element inside of vape juice. Finally, the nicotine is what makes up the third part of the best vape juice.

Deciding on a Nicotine Strength

The bottles of eliquid usually come in various concentrations when it comes to nicotine. The concentration that you choose depends on the way that you want to use the product. That is why manufacturers offer so many flavors, and strengths, and finding the right levels of nicotine may take a few tries but once you dial in on the right amount you can typically find that percentage with any major vape juice vendor.

People use ecigarettes for a variety of reasons. Some people use them just to satisfy the urge to smoke. Other people have a calculated plan to stop smoking by using vaping products. Then there is a group of people who only smoke so they can do something with their hands. If you are trying to stop smoking, then the nicotine concentration is going to be relevant to you.

Different manufacturers offer different options to their customers. Some manufacturers have three or four levels of nicotine, including zero nicotine that is becoming more and more popular thanks to those who have vaped long enough to drop their nicotine requirements to nil. The key is to conduct research so that you can be sure that you purchase the right item for yourself.

You can find the reading for the nicotine concentration on the bottle in either milligrams or milliliters. Some label these amounts with a percentage ( ex. 1.8% ) or volume (18mgs). You will need to follow some guidelines when you make the choice to purchase the best vape juice.

The first tip is for you if you are new to the vaping game. As a new user, you will want to stay as close to the original cigarette taste as you can get. The only way you can do that is if you buy products that have a high nicotine content in the vape juice. The best strength for a new user is 18mg or 24mg. Do not worry about the strength. You can always work your way down to something that is more comfortable for you.

All About the Flavors

The best vape juice for you could be any flavor of many. Manufacturers create a smorgasbord of vape juice flavors. For example, you can get a flavor that is close to a regular tobacco cigarette in taste. You could get regular flavor or menthol flavor. If you are feeling a little fruity, you can get a flavor like strawberry, cherry, apple or grape. If you truly want to get exotic, you can try dessert flavors, mixed drink flavors and candy flavors. Manufacturers want to make sure that you receive the best vape juice on the lot.

When you first start, you should try a flavor that tickles your taste buds. My first experience with an electronic cigarette was with a menthol one. I smoked menthol cigarettes for years, so it was a refreshing change. Eventually, I obtained a sample of an apple and vanilla disposable ecig, and that started me on my journey of easing out of regular cigarettes and enjoying all that electronic cigarettes had to offer. I am a huge fan of the peppermint and chocolate mix, so that was my “go-to” flavor when I decided to branch out. You will find the perfect flavor that will keep you interested, some get lucky on the first few bottles, but most have to have many trial and errors before finding the winner.

Any time you switch to a new vendor, you should try some samples of their vape juice first. You should try at least three flavors and then pick the one that you love the most. Some companies send you sampler packs when you make your first purchase. You may even get lucky enough to obtain a sampler pack before you make your first purchase. Samples give you a chance to try some flavors before you make a big-bottle commitment.

Once you have a general idea of the category of vape juice or eliquid you like, you can then start looking for products that are super-specific to your needs. You may even want to get a little creative and mix some flavors. Apple and banana are great mixture flavors. Strawberry and apple are mixtures that some people like to put together, as well. You can have loads of fun with experimenting with different tastes as most of the bigger vape vendors allowing for custom blending.

About Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is no new kid on the block. It has been on the market for years and people have used it for a wide variety of purposes. One way that specialists have used it is in antifreeze products. PG may be found in some ice cream products, as well. Organizations such as the Center for Disease Control classifies this product as a safe chemical. Some smoke machines and respiratory breathing devices can boast that this product is in them, as well.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable Glycerin is a product that has been around the block a bit, as well. It is considered a safe product the same as Propylene Glycol. Manufacturers use the product for a variety of reasons, but the main reason people use it is for household products like lotions and cosmetics.

The Difference Between PG & VG Vape Juice

Differences do exist between products that have vegetable glycerin in them and products that have Propylene Glycol in them. PG is the thinner of the two. VG offers a quicker vaping experience. The PG is better if you want to avoid buildup of a gunky type of substances of any kind.

Vapor Quality

There are a couple of things that you will need to consider before you decide on vaping products. First, you will want to think about the size of the cloud you want to make. Some people are adamant about making big clouds. If you want to make a big cloud, then the VG juice will be the best vape juice for you.

PG will give you some other benefits like quick heating. A quick heat up means that it will get to the back of your throat faster than any other kind will. As far as the sweetness, VG is the kind that has a sweet taste to it. Your candy flavor vape juice probably has a lot of VG in it.

Health Effects

If you have allergies, then you will want to buy the VG type of vape juice. PG has been associated with some allergic reactions like tingling in the throats of some users. The reaction can be worse than that for people who use it frequently. If there are no allergies, then you can enjoy either one.

It may take you some time to find the best vape juice according to the previously mentioned characteristics. Once you find what you consider to be the best vape juice, you will probably order it frequently. You can receive a discount if you order vape juice online and buy it in large quantities. You may also receive benefits such as free shipping. Your journey to try new and exciting vaping products can start today. If you have ideas about what you want, you can start scoping out some websites to see if your can get a deal on some starter packs today. Some starter packs offer you the opportunity to choose a few different vape flavors so that you can get yourself the best vape juice.