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Mig Vapor Vape pen reviews


The Mig Vapor Phantom X-UFO vaporizer is a powerful device that makes it easier to switch to up to a bigger, more powerful vape pen, and it is likely to become your favorite vape pen. It’s an easy to use, two-piece vaporizer pen with a variable wattage battery which can be adjusted between one and fifteen watts, giving out more power than other similar models in its class. When using the fifteen-watt setting, the output of vapor is huge and satisfying. The Phantom X also has an easy-to-see LED screen which shows a meter displaying battery life and also the power setting you have selected. It comes with a tank with a full 2-8 ml capacity and lets you adjust the airflow. The kit also comes with a free 30 ml bottle of e-liquid – you choose the flavor, and there are 30 to choose from – an extra atomizer, and a carrying case. This vape pen is neither too big nor too small, and it is easy to take with you wherever you go. The Phantom has become one of our favorite vape pens for 2016.

Mig Cig’s complete Phantom X-UFO package gives you all you need, including e-liquid, letting you enjoy your vaping experience right away. Mig Cig has created this pen in partnership with Kanger, and the eGO style battery (w/variable wattage) matching up well with the UFO v2 tank provided in the kit.

EGo vape pen batteries have made a lot of progress since being released onto the market, and one of the best upgrades is the improved wattage control. The Phantom X has a twist type battery which changes wattage by twisting the lower end of the battery on the pen. This twist-style battery is a big improvement and it gives you additional control, more than previous models.

As you adjust your wattage and try to figure what’s best for you, you can check the LED display and see what wattage you are at on the well-light screen. It also gives you data on battery life and ohms. The battery provides a full 1600 mAh of power, giving most vapers more than enough power for all day vaping, and it can even last as long as two days, depending on how much use your new, favorite vape pen is getting. The battery attaches with the regular 510 threads, and it has air flow vent control for keeping the unit from getting too hot. It has popular color options available in black, white, and stainless steel exteriors. The power button is set flush with the body of the pen, and this makes it less likely to accidentally fire when you are carrying it in a pocket or purse. For charging, just connect the Phantom to the USB cable provided with the kit. The UFO tank goes great with all the power the battery holds and with a  2.8 ml filling capacity, this tank holds more than the average amount of e-liquid.

The Phantom has a bottom dual coil tank and it comes with a set of five replacements, so you can keep on vaping for a long time using only what comes in the box with this kit. The tank is built with stainless steel and Pyrex glass and it looks very attractive when attached to the battery. This is a complete vaporizer kit. As well as the tank and battery, you are also given five new replacement coils, a charging cable for USB charging, and a carrying case. A lot of other kits treat a case as an afterthought and do not include it. This one is high-quality and very attractive and I actually use it for carrying my new favorite vape pen, instead of tossing it like with some other kits. You also get to choose the color of the carrying case, which is nice also. On top of that, you get a free bottle of e-juice, and they have over 30 flavors for you to choose from.

In The BoxMig Vapor Phantom ejuice tank

  • One Phantom X vaporizer
  • One USB cable for charging
  • UFO v2 tank with BDC coils
  • Five replacement coils
  • 30 ml of free e-liquid
  • Soft style carry case
  • Specs on the Phantom:
  • 1600 mAh power
  • 2.8 ml tank holding capacity
  • LED display
  • 8 ohms of resistance
  • BDC clearomizer
  • Flush set on/off switch
  • Control of air flow.

Final Word

Mig Cig’s Phantom X UFO is a truly great vaporizer kit, including everything you need and want in your next favorite vape pen. The battery does not have anything complicated about it. There is no voltage setting, and it has a simple way for you to change the wattage which makes it easy for people new to vaping who want variable options which are not complicated to use.

This is also a great vape pen for traveling. It is not bulky like some other well-loved box MODs out there. It is super easy for anyone to use, and the tank is really easy to fill without making a mess. With 1600 mAh of power, this battery got me through a couple of days of vaping, even when I was using it as my main vape pen. The 510 threads are also a great feature because they are a standard connection size, and while I love the UFO tank, I am happy to know I can switch it to one of my other favorite tanks whenever I want. With five replacement coils that come with this package, I’m not sure I ever will need to do this.

This is destined to become a favorite vape pen for experienced vapers looking to move up from disposables, as well as for first time newbies. For me, it was a really good purchase and the add-on of a bottle of e-juice makes it even more attractive as an offer. This unit also produces great flavor, even at the higher watts setting, the vapor had a nice, clean taste and never had a burnt aftertaste. It produces great clouds, too, even though it is not a sub-ohm unit. But it does go as low as one ohm. Any vapor enthusiast will be happy with this vape pen if you ask me. This is especially true considering its simple, eGo cigarette set-up. There is not too much negative to say about the Phantom X vaporizer pen. It is simple to use and hold, attractive to look at, and most importantly it gives you the vapor experience you want. You won’t be disappointed in this vape pen, and chances are it will probably become your favorite vape pen of all time.

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