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The Most Famous Electronic Cigarettes

New Smoking Trends

As society evolves, the act of smoking becomes more stigmatized in the eyes of others. Many anti-tobacco campaigns have launched their share of attack ads against the cigarette industry. Smoking is strongly correlated with the contraction of insidious cancers, such as throat, mouth and esophageal cancer.

In addition to this, long time smokers also develop a condition known as emphysema. Due to growing health concerns, individuals have shifted their awareness to the benefits of using electronic cigarettes, instead.

Knowing which brands to purchase is critical, as electronic cigarette companies infuse their products with distinct features characteristic of their brand. Furthermore, some products have more fortified safety features than others and ensure a more pleasant experience.

Benefits Of E-Cigs

If you have considered the purchase of electronic cigarettes, you must first familiarize yourself with their pervasive benefits. Smoking can sometimes prove to be an incorrigible habit, and transitioning from smoking to vaping can be an exacting process that proves insurmountable at times. With the right tools, however, you can choose a less dangerous lifestyle.

The first benefit of using an electronic cigarette is that it partially mimics the effects of a real cigarettes. These products produce a pleasant vapor that flows into the lungs, allowing for a soothing, relaxing experience that virtually any smoker can enjoy.

Another key benefit is that you will have the freedom to smoke in any setting, without perturbing the people near you. Many smokers are ostracized into “smokers only” sections, and cannot freely mingle with the crowd.

This is because not only does second hand smoke generate disease, but some individuals have sensitive respiratory systems that respond poorly to toxins. With the electronic cigarette, however, people will remain bothered by the use of this vapor.

Many such cigarettes provide you with eclectic flavor options, including raspberry, peach and much more. Hence, not only can you mimic the smoky essence of a real cigarette, but you can taste the delectable after effects of a fruit flavored vapor. In some ways, this may be more stimulating to your sensory perception than a real cigarette filled with nicotine.

These types of cigarettes are also highly convenient, as they are sold at virtually all drugstores and department stores, for a fairly reasonable price in some cases.

In addition to averting the harmful side effects of smoking, e-cigs spare your family, friends, loved ones, and pets the dangers of secondhand smoke. Real smoke permeates the fabric of clothing, furniture and the carpet, giving rise to allergic reactions.

Furthermore, it taints the air with an unpleasant odor. It should be noted that many of these products contain potent amounts of nicotine. Essentially, they function by means of a vaporizer that heats up a liquid filled with this chemicals. However, because they do not contain the chemical compounds often detected in smoke, they are less risky with regard to certain health conditions.  

Top 10 E-Cigs

The following list reflects the top 10 electronic cigarette brands of 2014.

  1. V2 Cigs
  2. Vapor Zone
  3. Halo Cigs
  4. Bull smoke
  5. Ever smoke
  6. South Beach Smoke
  7. White cloud
  8. Blu
  9. Green smoke
  10. Premium
  11. Henley
  12. Firebrand

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