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The Vtube 4.0

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Apollo vTube 4.0 vape modApollo has quickly become a very popular vaporizer vendor. One example is their highly recommended vape mod – The Vtube 4.0 and this tube-style vape mod is extremely well built. It may be a bit more in price than some of the other mods, but this Mod Starter kit comes with a sweet Phazer sub-ohm tank, an 18650 battery, a dual 18650 charger, and a 30ml bottle of juice. It also features a 50watt battery making this a vape mod that is capable of delivering massive clouds.

I had some experience with their prior Mod (the V3) and I used it for a few months. I experienced minimal issues with it so I was really looking forward to seeing what they did with the Vtube 4.0 and I am impressed. All the guess-work has been taken out by the addition of a nice-sized LCD screen so you can see the settings easily.

Apollo is finding its way along the path to becoming one of the elite manufacturers of the e-Cig industry. Their devices are extremely well-built so they cover all the fine points consumers are looking for in their electronic cigarettes. After experiencing the Apollo 4.0 for myself, I am confident in saying that this mod is made with a higher build-quality when compared to many of it’s competitors.

The complete vape mod kit includes everything you need right out of the box. It’s very easy to set it up and in a matter of minutes. Insert the charged battery, fill the Phazer sub-ohm tank with some yummy e-juice, screw on the tank and bam!- You’re blowing vapor!

Once you take it out of its box some things will pop out at you immediately. The first thing you’ll notice is the build quality and how solid it is once you get it put together. Its solidness does add a little bit of weight to it but it’s well worth the trade-off.

This device has much better threading than its predecessor (v3). When you put it together (the beauty ring & Battery Cap & Battery Housing) you’ll see that things went very smoothly with no hangups.

Apollo vTube Vape Mod separated into three sections. Battery compartment, control panel, and adapterIts overall appearance is another great point and helps to put this one over the top in the rankings. It’s in a class all its own. The design is very clean and quite classy. Its stainless steel/chrome mat finish gives it a very sharp appearance. I have yet to drop this one but I don’t fret about it too much because I’m sure with such a robust body it can handle being dropped. A few scratches isnt going to hurt this mod.


In The Box

  • (1) Apollo VTube V4.0
  • (1) Apollo Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank
  • (1) Apollo Carry Case
  • (1) Panasonic 18650PF Battery
  • (1) Dual 18650 Charger
  • (1) 30ml bottle of MAX VG E-liquid of your choice


  • Variable wattage from 5-50 Watts
  • Can fire an atomizer as low as 0.2 ohms
  • Spring-loaded pin to prevent connection problem with atomizers/clearomizers
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Removable top cap
  • Popular 510 AND eGo threading
  • Lock feature prevents accidental activation
  • Simple 3 button setup
  • Resettable puff counter
  • Real-time display showing battery life, wattage setting, voltage output, atomizer resistance, and your current puff count
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Vented removable battery bottom cap with a spring-loaded solid copper contact for battery tension
  • Uses 18650 batteries to provide maximum battery life In between each charge
  • Includes FREE shipping for US customers, 30 day Money Back Guarantee, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Plus Free Shipping to U.S. customers with a 30-Day money-back guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty!

vTube vape mod with box

Final Thought

Having the ability to take it right from the box and get started quickly is such a great feature. The settings for setting the wattage are very simple. The larger than ever expected vapor output due to the higher voltage amounts really seals the deal. You just don’t see a vaping device of this caliber or style in a complete starter kit.

One of the most outstanding features was while it was in variable voltage mode, it adjusted automatically based on the atomizer resistance attached. It remembered my settings even after changing tanks so I didn’t have to reset it all the time.

The battery life was very solid and in spite of my heavy usage it performed well into the next day with its 18650 battery. With the dual 18650 battery charger, it is wise to buy another 18650 battery so you can charge one while the other battery is being used.

The fact that this device has the ‘Trustfire Dual Battery Charger’ made up for it not having a USB port. It did seem a little slow on its scrolling speed compared to some other devices I’ve used, but it’s a small trade-off for all the perks and benefits.

I definitely love this device. That’s why it is a highly recommended Vape Mod that I will enjoy for a long time. Its 510 threading makes this device compatible with most any tank out there and reading the screen is so easy. I highly recommend this device for anyone who wants to step up from a basic starter kit or a vape pen.

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