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Get To Know About V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

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V2 Pro Series 3 review



Vaping technology is constantly evolving, and the next revolution has arrived thanks to V2. V2’s Pro Series consists of 3 in 1 vaporizers that vape not only e-juice but wax and dry (loose) leaf as well, making them the most flexible vaping device the world has ever known. As if that was not enough, V2 also innovated a magnetic tank connection, making tank changes a snap – quite literally! The company managed to fit all of this innovation in a tiny package suitable for traveling, making it ideal for the vaper on the go. This is definitely a highly recommended vape pen!

V2 has produced quality ecigs for some time now, but the Pro Series is a new addition to the lineup. To date, it consists of three products designed for the luxury vape pen user. V2 could have coasted on its sterling reputation by slapping its name on a mediocre product, but it is clear that the Pro Series was engineered to change the vaping industry as we know it. The Series 3 was released a month ahead of schedule, indicating that V2 was confident that they had developed a winner. It was followed by the Series 7 at the end of 2014, which also proved popular. Series 9 completed the line in late 2015 and is widely considered nothing short of extraordinary. This review focuses on the earliest entry, but all three are quality products worthy of a look. V2 is a leader in the luxury vaporizer industry, so it should not come as a shock that their latest products are held to a high standard.

The entire line offers the innovative 3 in 1 hybrid functionality, making it a distinct product category untapped by any of V2’s competitors. This review focuses exclusively on the Series 3’s performance as a traditional ecig using e-juice. If you want a review and additional information on the device’s performance with essential oils (wax) or dry herbs, check out the review here. I will say that the 3 in 1 option is very cool to have, even if you do not intend to actually vape all three.

Right out of the box, you can tell that V2’s Pro Series 3 is a well-crafted ecig that has none of the fragility of lesser brands. You also immediately notice the new tank system, which employs magnets to make changing tanks ridiculously simple. Experienced users do not need to fear the new tanks, as you still fill them in the traditional way and drop them into the device. V2 offers custom curved droppers to make refilling a breeze. The ecig automatically recognizes which type of tank is inserted, so there is no need to play with any confusing settings either.


In The Box V2 vape pen reviews

  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 V2 Series 3 e-go style vape pen
  • E-liquid Cartridge
  • Vaporizer
  • User Manual
  • V2 offers 12 different platinum ejuices to try out in the V2 Pro Series 3 (sold separately)
  • Specs:
  • E-Cig Type: Ego
  • Battery Type: 650 mAh
  • Tank Type: Magnetic
  • Charge Method: Magnetic USB/Wall Adapter


Final Word

In terms of performance, the device delivers a satisfying throat hit and strong vapor production. It also seems to maximize the e-juice used, as the 2ml tank lasted about twice as long as it would have in other models in this category. The battery life is also above average, and pass-through technology allows vapers to use the device while it is charging if necessary. V2 always delivers quality e-liquid, and it remains excellent in this newer device. Their “red” flavor is a perennial favorite, and I also quite enjoyed “Congress,” a smooth flavor somewhat reminiscent of green tea. All flavors come in child proof bottles, reducing the chances of an accident if you have little ones at home. The company is very transparent about where its products come from, and you can always view live testing results on its website.

That said, I do have some minor concerns about the Pro Series 3. The taste bottoms out as the unit begins to run out of fluid, but this can be a good thing because repeated “dry” use can potentially damage these machines. The magnetic tank setup also prevents users from utilizing any tanks other than those V2 specifically manufactures for it, losing some of the versatility of other vape pens. Should the technology become the industry’s standard, however, the problem will be solved in a hurry. The package does not include e-juice, essential oils, or dry herbs to use it with, so you need to remember to purchase these necessary components separately. The ecig’s $69.99 price tag is not terrible but the lack of a free bottle of ejuice was a letdown as this could have helped it looked better at checkout.

Overall, V2’s Pro Series 3 ecig is a highly recommended vape pen, especially for beginners. The ease of use is simply astounding. I give it four out of five stars for battery life and 4.5 stars for vapor production. I have personally given this device to a number of family members to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes, and so far none of them have been returned to me. In a market that too often seems content to rest on its laurels, V2’s commitment to technological progress is a refreshing change. I hope the company continues to invest in the cutting edge for the future, whether the 3 in 1 hybrid style and magnetic tanks become popular or not.

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