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Overview Of V2 Pro Series 7

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Vaping is here to stay with several trendy new devices hitting the market nearly every day. Large companies like Halo and V2 compete actively to release state-of-the-art vaping kits that will provide consumers superior taste,and the right hit of nicotine. Of course, this also means that there are several thousand different kit varieties to choose from and this can be a little confusing for newcomers. Companies like V2 in particular, have several great kits that offer a range of features for newcomers and veterans. If you are new to vaping, it can be a little confusing and you should take the time to read up on the top products offered by reliable companies like V2.
If you are not into heavy vaping, then you will be satisfied with the smaller tanks available in smaller Series 3 vaporizers. The Series 7 fulfills the requirements of heavy vapors. You will be excited when you get your hands on this device. The whole kit comes with everything that you will need to get started in vaping. The kit includes the main vaporizer, loose leaf and liquid cartridges, wall charger adapter, USB charger cord, and cleaning brush and pick. E-juice is sold separately.

Looking at the 2.5ml tank of this vape mod, you may think it is not going to hold lots of e-juice but that much volume is quite sufficient for many vaping sessions. The completely magnetic charge port is a very clever design. This design was already introduced in the Series 3 devices. It has worked well and this design has been followed in the 7 Series devices. There is no need to mess around with USB ports. As soon as the magnetic parts are clicked together, everything starts working. There is no part in this vaping mod that a user can break because everything is so simple and easy.

V2 has offered consumers several great products over the years but the Pro Series range is turning out to be its most consumer-friendly product. The Pro Series (3 & 7) range are extremely popular with users and they are good value for money as well. The S7 is a three-in-one unit and users can vape e-liquids, smoke herbs or wax by using the same unit.

  • The unit is extremely portable and it is about 5 inches long,1.3 inches in width, and 4.2 ounces heavy but this is quite useful. However, for its dimensions, it is quite useful and high-powered.
  • The unit comes with a variable temperature setting which makes it very easy to use and quite comfortable to smoke with. The variable voltages range from 3.7, 4.2 to 4.7V.
  • As the voltage has increased, a stronger and larger battery is required and the company has provided the same. Battery size on the S7 is an impressive 1800mAh and most users have reported at least two days of vaping from the same charged battery. In order to save energy, the tank battery also has a 150 second turn-off time. That means if you don’t use the device for that much time, it will automatically turn off.
  • The device has three temperature settings ranging from 200, 210, to 225 degrees Celsius. The lowest setting was great for drying herbs while the medium setting and higher settings were perfect for vaping.
  • The changing port is extremely smart in design and use. It is completely magnetic and this means that it works well. With no fiddly parts to mess around with and magnets holding everything together, this model actually has nothing to break or replace.
  • The oven size is also great for heating about 0.2 to 0.4g . The heating is even but it is a good idea to move the herbs around a little in the middle of the cycle.


The unit is extremely versatile. You can use it to vape e-liquids, to dry herbs and smoke them and to dry smoke waxes as well. In fact, most stores will recommend the Series 7 as the primary unit of choice if you are looking for a multi-use device.

The device has a bigger oven cart for herbs and this is particularly useful for loose leaves. The different temperature settings mean that you can extend the battery life of the device as well and this is well worth the cost of the device.

The different voltage settings mean that you can control the vape and a higher voltage will result in more vapor and a warmer hit.

The flavors offered by the company were impressive. For example, most users were highly appreciative of the ‘Cola’ flavoring. A few recommended combining flavors like ‘Cola’ and ‘Vanilla’ to form unique flavor versions. Other highly recommended flavors included ‘Menthol’ and ‘Peppermint.”

Several users have commended the smooth vapor output. The device is considered one of the best devices on the market for its vapor production and controlled burning.

The device comes with a cleaning kit containing a brush and a dabber tool that will clean the oven faster.



Some users have pointed out that the Series 7 device is larger and clunkier. In comparison, the original Series 3 device is smaller, stealthier and much more portable.

Users have asked for an additional lower heat setting on the device as overall temperature settings are too high at present.

The price point may be a stickler for some people as well. The Series 7 is priced at $169 and this may make you wince a little.

Users have stated that the vaping cartridges are quite expensive and they cost about $13 per unit. However, these units are large and they last for a very long time.

Final Word

If you are looking for a multi-purpose vape device, we think this is definitely one of the best vape mods out there.  The automatic temperature feature is a huge plus with this mod, and with the magnetic connection swapping tanks is very easy. The battery has a solid timespan and the throat hit easily achieves above expectations.

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