Vaio 80w Review

VAIO 80w TC Box Mod Review

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Recently, Vaporfi launched three new sub-ohm equipment, strengthening its existing big vaporizer catalog. Among them is the Vaio 80, which has quickly catapulted itself into being called the company’s best box mod. The Vaporfi VAIO 80 TC is an improved and fresh iteration of the already popular 75W all-in-one tool. The 80W vape mod variant enhances upon VaporFi’s existing strong infrastructure and offers an even improved solution to the all-in-one consumer market, in addition to some extra power for more longevity.

Vaio is a box-type vape mod that’s marginally petite than the majority of devices falling in the same category. Comparatively lightweight, the battery of this box mod has some weight to it. However, the vape mod is still quite portable overall. The image below exhibits the vape mod when handled, clearly proving the size is not huge at all, which isn’t the same as a similar wattage device. Among the primary attributes that distinguish this vape mod from the rest is the atomizer that’s directly built within the mouthpiece. This means that unscrewing the mouthpiece takes off the atomizer along with it. This renders stuffing the tank, which comes built into the box, quite easy as there isn’t anything to block the reservoir, a major feature that helps this box mod to be ranked among the best on the market.

There isn’t any need to adjust wattage, voltage, settings, etc. of this vape mod. Simply turning the bore (the tank top) sets the number of juice holes open. The power output increases if there are more holes open. When taken fresh out of the box, there won’t be any adjustment needed. It’s as straightforward as filling the tank, charging it up, and vaping straight away.

With the tank of this vape mod providing a wide bore and the capacity to hit 100 watts, vapors keen on big clouds would be quite satisfied with this. However, if you want to go the next level with your vaping but aren’t quite comfortable with all the technicalities there are to some of the bigger equipment, this is the best box mod for your requirements!

The Vaio 80 Starter Kit is packed with a USB charging device, the sub-ohm Vaio tank, and an inbuilt 2100 mAh battery pack. The 2100 mAh battery is quite potent at conserving power, and it can last two full days between subsequent charges when not used. Obviously, this wouldn’t be that high at a bigger wattage. However, I’ve never had to unbolt the juice holes beyond the initial one to locate the ideal spot with the e-juice having a ratio of 70/30, irrespective of the flavor.

The Vaio sub-ohm tank certainly helps justify the kit’s cost. Designed with a robust 3.5ml tank, it’s bigger than the majority of the devices in this category. However, it could go through it at the same speed as higher levels of wattage. But, in the majority of cases, it must come through for a significant period – remember most tanks cannot hold more than 4ml. Like mentioned before, this particular tank is called the best box mod for its fairly wide bore. This means it could take some time to get used to since smaller equipment employs smaller tips. The tank comes with a couple of pre-installed atomizers: 0.5 ohms and 0.25 ohm.

The Vaio Mod Kit includes:

1 x VAIO™ 80 TC MOD
1 x VAIO internal tankVaporfi Vaio 80 kit review
1 x USB cable
1 VaporFi Notch Atomizer: 0.25ohm (already installed)
6 SS316 0.5ohm atomizer
1 x VaporFi VAIO 80 rubber silicone case
1 x VaporFi VAIO 80 tank connector
1 x custom vape juice bottle


49 x 26 x 75mm
Inbuilt 2100mAh battery
3.5ml tank capacity
Inbuilt tank
Removable drip tip
LED tank light
Anti-leak protection
Top fill tank design
Temperature control compatible
Resistance range: 0.15 – 3.0ohm
Variable wattage range: 1-80W
Temperature range: 200°F-600°F/ 100°C-315°C
Temperature resistance range: 0.05 – 1.0ohm
Real Time Clock (RTC)
Modes: Power/Ni200/TCR/Bypass/Memory(M1,M2,M3)
1A USB charging
0.96″ OLED screen

Vaporfi’s Vaio 80W is the best box mod if you want to easily enter the sub-ohm vaping scene. Or in case you’re already using a sub-ohm equipment and your encounter with it isn’t as basic as you wanted it to be, this equipment should be your ideal or best box mod.

The Vaio 80 box vape mod lets even beginners or inexperienced vapers smoke out huge clouds.

As aforementioned, I keep switching between this vape mod and my other devices, since I prefer the tube style a bit more compared to other best box mod styles. This is particularly true when their length is pretty much the same, and there’s no sacrifice in power. The battery of this vape mod could have been slightly lighter; however, it isn’t too heavy to moan about. The design as a whole is conventional Vaporfi stainless steel/chrome finish, and the general build quality doesn’t deviate much from their previous devices, looking slick all throughout.

However, the biggest positive about this equipment is its straightforward usability. If you’re keen on meddling with your vape mod a bit, I would suggest looking for something else. The Vaio tank’s coils could be tinkered with to control temperature. However, according to me, this vape mod isn’t meant for people who would like to get into rebuilding it. This best box mod kit’s price is slightly on the higher side of things at $129. However, for the headache and craftsmanship that helped save the effort to customize resistance and alter settings, this price is certainly acceptable.

Compared to other vendors’ pricing, Vaporfi is only a few dollars expensive. But I do not mind paying extra if the company’s customer support continues to stay awesome the way it is now. This is because I know my problems and grievances would be well taken care of in case anything goes wrong.

Vaporfi never falters on making a reliable portable product; an unusual small equipment that fairs well when stacked against some of the big Chinese names. And the All-In-One 80W TC VAIO keeps the tradition. You can know more about it here. This Vaporfi vaping device comes in silver, red, or black for $139.99 or you may take a look at the starter bundle.

Vaporfi VAIO 80 TC Vape Mod

I’ve already given away a few things. One of them being the color assortment and another thing being a device to control temperature. Third is the wattage reaching an 80W maximum. For people who’ve never used a temperature control machine or variable watt, it is not imperative that you operate at such levels. There are safe options on offer. If an item only reaches 80 watts, that’s where the equipment’s safety mechanism activates for your benefit.

Mid-Sized Tank

Within the VAIO, there’s a sub-ohm 3.5ml tank. It comes with a substitutable atomizer coil along with alternative resistance so that you could enjoy MTL and direct-to-lung vaping. A window on the side of this vape mod offers a glimpse of the e-juice. Vaporfi has also designed a fun feature, which is the tank light – it certainly looks quite pretty. With the craftsmanship able to withstand leaks, this may have done even better in the European markets. However, that is not possible since they adhere to policies that prevent making tanks that are more than 2ml in size.

Coil Reading

Regardless of the coil, you’re using, the internal VAIO chipset detects its make. You may install nickel 200, stainless steel, titanium or kanthal, and the box itself will determine what’s been installed. Only try operating this Vaporfi vape mod box in the temperature control setting with titanium, SS, or Ni200 coils in place – else, it will not function. And kanthal is only for variable wattage.

Chip Protection

A small portion of the vape mod furnishes heavy-duty safety against common malfunctioning problems that could have been due to an electrical error, mischief, or negligence. They comprise over-current, over-charge, low voltage, low resistance, and over-discharge. Thanks to ventilation, the inbuilt battery stays cool while it’s constantly at work to ensure the best vaping experience.


The Vaio’s big display screen featured on the side of the mod exhibits everything the device is doing. Keep an eye on temperature and watts change. The battery power and resistance are easily visible at all times. Along with letting you know what mode you are in: wattage, temperature, bypass (voltage), or one of the multiple memory modes.

The 1-inch screen size is certainly a marvel, especially with the reduced box size: only 75 mm when compared to the bigger VOX equipment. Also, the screen shows real-time which becoming typical with newer box mods.

USB Recharging

Vaporfi pulled a practical leaf out of its hat by separating the port from the control and venting buttons. The vents go to the bottom, and the large square buttons are appended surrounding the screen. The USB port falls on the adjustment buttons’ left side, and at the bottom of the wide side, giving you multiple charging ports depending on the position of the device on your desk or in your car.

Device vs. Starter Kit

Right out the box this kit is ready to go: there’s already a built-in tank, so all you need to do is load up with juice and of course, give it about ten minutes to soak it up – eliminating burning up your coil. Vaporfi can provide you a Hybrid RDA or alternative tanks to complement your VAIO in place of the original in-built atomizer tank. However, if you purchase the bundle, you would get the tank and 80 TC MOD, a couple of atomizer coils, cable, custom vape juice, and case.

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