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Valiant Vape Pen Review

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Apollo Valiant Vape Review


Apollo has been offering high-quality devices with superior features and functions for some years now. You are sure to find the vaporizer you need from a wide range of products offered by this company. Whether you are moving from cig-a-like or disposable, or simply searching for a vape pen with better performance from your current one, Apollo has the product for every type of need. Now Apollo has one of the top vape pens to date thanks to their new Valiant kit. The starter kit includes everything that you need to get started with a vape pen. In fact, it even includes e-juice that many e-cig makers do not provide in their starter kits. You can easily adjust its variable battery wattage. It helps you receive the perfect vape and throat hit every time.

The popularity of Apollo has been growing tremendously just like its increasing lineup of devices. Their quality standards help keep their devices and reputation among the elite in the vaping community and this, in turn, keeps them one of the top vape pen makers in this industry. They are also known for excellent customer support, limited lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. The Valiant vape pen is their latest offering. If you have used their earlier products, you cannot resist the temptation to check out the Valiant and see what it can do.

Nowadays there is high demand for variable wattage and variable voltage vaporizers. Apollo has taken notice of this preference and offers e-cigs that give you best of both features. Its Valiant has both variable wattage and variable voltage setting modes helping to make this device versatile enough for even heavy vapers.

This top vape pen starter kit includes everything that you will need to get started on your vaping journey. It includes a slim and sleek looking battery. The company has its own factory and product lab so it can experiment with new technologies at its own manufacturing center, which is quite rare for an electronic cigarette manufacturer.


In The Boxvape pen review for Apollo Valiant


  • Battery Features:
  • Automatically recommends/sets voltage and wattage based on connected clearomizer
  • Variable Voltage from 3.0-6.0V (0.1V increments)
  • Variable Wattage from 3.0-15.0W (0.5W increments)
  • Built-in Ohm Meter
  • Short-circuit and low resistance protection
  • Displays charge level
  • Compatible with any 510/eGo clearomizer
  • Kit Includes:
  • (1) Valiant 1300mAh battery
  • (1) ProTank 2 Clearomizer
  • (1) 10ml Bottle of E-Liquid
  • (1) USB charging cord
  • (1) Comprehensive User’s Manual
  • (1) Vaping Power Chart (to help you calculate voltage/wattage)


Final Word

Once you attach the ProTank 2 to the Apollo Valiant vape pen, you are ready to power it up with just five clicks on the power button. The Valiant automatically sets the voltage and wattage based on the setting used in clearomizer. It is a great feature for new users who dislike confusing setup process. There is no guesswork and everything can be fine tuned easily. It comes with a vaping chart that helps you find the sweet spot in this device.

Once this top vape pen is set up, you will realize its high-quality vapor output. Even when you set it at a very high 10 plus watt setting, there is no issue of burnt taste unless the tank has turned nearly empty. It is suitable for heavy usage with its big 1300 mAH battery. It will last more than a day after the full charge. All the products offered by Apollo are made in its own California-based lab. These products also include the liquids. The company has all the testing facilities needed to test electronic cigarette devices, associated accessories and juice flavors. It means you receive only high-quality products and liquids. They have been rapidly growing their e-liquid lineup with the help of mixologist on its site. The quality remains consistent in all its products.

Try its green apple or fruit fusion pack and you will want more of these flavors. If you are into classic tobacco flavor, order the 12mg nicotine pack. It has robust and rich tobacco flavor. The hit may be more than the users are used to. It is suitable for heavy smokers who are just starting with the e-cigs. The Apollo Valiant kit is available under $50. Other vape pen manufacturers are going to find it difficult to beat it on the price front as well. Thanks to it’s long-lasting all day battery, well built ProTank 2, and streamlined design it is a device that oozes quality and style from all sides. The Valiant top vape pen is highly recommended as a starter kit for people who are moving from cig-a-like and disposables to a vape pen.

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