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The best vape pen is made by Vapor4life. Period.  The Vapor Zeus is not new, but it still holds its own against all others, even after a few years we have yet to see or try another vape pen that delivers such a mirrored taste and action compared to a tobacco cigarette.  It is popular because it is simple to use and the inhale feels incredibly like that of a real cigarette. When you are first going off cigarettes and want to try vaping, this is the highest recommended vape pen to try.

The Vapor Zeus was developed according to what smokers want. The satisfaction derived from the first inhale to the last makes smokers less likely to go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vapor4life understands that if a smoker is not impressed from the start, they are likely to go back to their cigarette habit.

Most ecigs do not have the taste and feel of the cigarettes that smokers use. We all know that a poor substitute does not bring satisfaction. Smokers who have not tried vaping and those who have tried it, but found it less than satisfactory need the best vape pen and the Zeus is the answer.

The majority of ecigs on the market were not developed by smokers. The Vapor Zeus was invented and developed by Steve Milin, who once smoked 3 packs every day. He understands that the best vape pen must use ejuices that correspond with regular cigarettes in taste and feel. Instead of simply making a flavored ejuice and the typical pen, he insisted that both the pen and ejuices used would be different.

When I tried the Zeus, I had been expecting it to be like any of the other ecigs. I did not fully believe it would be as satisfactory as my cigarettes because nothing else I had tried had met my expectations. The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to use. I did not have to push a special button to inhale. All I had to do with the Zeus was put my lips against the tip and inhale as I would with a regular cigarette. Because the tip is made of rubber that is soft, it felt closer to the real thing than other ecigs. Although the inhale is not exactly the same, it is remarkably satisfactory and far outdoes other vaping options.

Included in the vaping kit:

  • 1 Vaper Zeus with an ecig battery offering variable voltage.Zeus vape pen
  • 1 or more Smileomizers
  • 1 bottle with e-liquid (30 ml)
  • 1 Smileomizer tip
  • 1 car adapter
  • 1 wall adapter
  • 1 cable for charging with USB


  • Vape while charging with the pass-through technology
  • 650 – 1300mAh 5-volt battery
  • Charge with USB in car or outlet


Filling up the smileomizer is a simple task. The space between the center and the edges is slightly larger than other ecigs and makes it easier to fill without the spilling.

My first Zeus pen was the manual VV. With this pen, you can adjust the power to the way you want it, but with the Auto VV, the power adjusts automatically. The Auto VV Zeus is the best vape pen for new vapers. The automatic pen requires no button pushing and can be pulled on however strong or lightly the user likes.

I connected the Zeus pen and adjusted the dial to the specific amount of voltage I wished. The dial has a red mark that makes it much more accurate. I found that I liked the range best at 4.2. When holding the rubber tip between my teeth, I could even vape without using my hands. This pen is not complicated. The smileomizer is large enough to fill with a large amount of ejuice. I was pleased that I did not have to refill it as often as other types of vaping pens. The excellent cloud output and the flavor of tobacco tastes better than most others that claim to taste like tobacco.

Vapor Zeus users can choose from a wide variety of flavors, but most who go from smoking to vaping like the variety of tobacco or menthol flavors to try in order to replicate what they are used to already.

Heavy smokers will appreciate the strength of the nicotine from which to choose. Those who want more can use a 36-milligram ejuice. Those who do not smoke heavily can choose from the lower strengths. The outlaw e liquid is especially strong. Those who like to smoke non-filter cigarettes may want to try Outlaw. The entire WOW ejuice options list are among my own and other tester favorites.

As with most available ecigs and pens, I was apprehensive about trying it. Regardless of the positive feedback, I was prepared to be disappointed. Instead, I found it suitable from the first and in the long-term. With a battery that needs fewer charges, a smileomizer that holds more ejuice, a good number of ejuice options, the automatic feature and the ability to control voltage, I found the Vapor4life Zeus to be the best vape pen out there.

The only drawback with the Zeus VV Vape Pen is that it is one of the most expensive vaping pens available. However, one of these pens can take the place of a few or several other brands. Because of the gap in the center and the pin position, it is easy to fill. Although I have remarked on all the pluses involved before, the ease of use cannot be overlooked. As far as I am concerned, it is great for new users and all who want their vape pens to resemble the cigarettes to which they have been accustomed.

Vapor4life has created a stand out vaping device and the unique Smileomizer makes it the best vape pen around.

Benefit Review

  • Soft Rubber Tips
    Unlike the hard tips, the rubber offers easy flow with a rich taste.
  • 5 Volt Battery
    Larger battery – more power – better experience overall
  • Two Choices in Styles
  • The Auto version does not require a button for use.
  • The Dual version works with or without the use of the button.
  • The only drawback for the Dual is that is costs 5 dollars more than the automatic style.

Due to their full confidence in their product, Vapor4life guarantees that if you are not satisfied with their pen, you can return it and receive your money back within the first 30 days. However, we consider the Vapor Zeus to be the best vape pen on the market and are confident that you will continue to use it.

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