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Smokers looking to start vaping need a great Tobacco or Menthol vape juice to get them going..and Vapor4Life is the answer.  The best way to get into vaping is by recreating the experience you are used to from traditional cigarettes. To do that, you need the right e-juice. Vapor4Life was invented by smokers for smokers and offers arguably the most authentic tobacco and menthol flavors in the industry today. There is no better place to start your vaping journey. Meanwhile, the hundreds of different flavor options the company offers make Vapor4Life an excellent choice for more experienced vapers. This is one company that truly offers it all.

The high VG blends found in the majority of Vapor4Life’s products produce a very strong throat hit, satisfying even the heaviest of former smokers. The company also offers a wide range of nicotine levels going up to 36mg at the highest end. New vapers are frequently advised to get an e-juice nicotine level one level higher than what they used to smoke. This ensures that they can satisfy their cravings. The heaviest former smokers are challenged by this advice, as most companies simply do not offer the 36mg option they would need. In fact, Vapor4Life is the only reputable one that does. If you were a lighter smoker, don’t fret! The company offers six different nicotine levels (4mg, 8mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg) that can accommodate anyone. There is even a nicotine free option if you want to scale back your nicotine intake.

Vapor4Life also offers hundreds of different flavor options, allowing everyone to find something they like. New vapers should go with a taste that they associate with smoking, such as tobacco or menthol. The company offers plenty of options for both flavor profiles, but our favorites are RY4 for tobacco and Peppermint for menthol. All of the options (except Grape) are excellent, however, so go with whichever one appeals most to you.

You may also opt for a taste that you like outside of smoking. Vapor4Life’s high-quality WOW line has a 70 to 30 VG to PG ratio and offers a variety of intriguing flavors. For example, Doc Popular tastes a lot like a famous carbonated beverage, while flavors such as Coffee and Green Tea are self-explanatory. Dessert blends are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The higher end is the Ultimo line, ten flavor options with a 60/40 VG/PG ratio engineered specifically for maximum satisfaction. Fistful of Fruit and Custard’s Last Stand are our favorites from this batch. Pure VG e-juices are also available. Juices can also be combined to create a unique blend that works for you. The company’s CBD Oil Hemp Juice can be combined with another one to make it more earthy, for instance. It has almost become a hobby of mine to explore all of the different flavors Vapor4Life has to offer.

Vapor4Life is also an easy company to support. The company has been around for nearly a decade and boasts one of the most loyal customer bases in the vaping industry. All of their flavors are tested for safety, so they are never polluted by harmful chemicals that can appear in other brands. The company also backs its products with an ISO 9001-2008 certification. Vapor4Life e-juice containers are designed to make the refilling process as easy as possible. Whether your tank is refilled from the top or the bottom, the tip will mitigate any spillage. Overall, people who try Vapor4Life products stick with them for all of their vaping needs.

Vapor4Life offers its products only in 30mL size containers, but the sheer volume of flavors, nicotine levels, and VG/PG blends make for an extremely versatile vaping experience. Check out all of the options below!

Flavor Options


WOW Series

Nicotine Options

Base Options

100% VG Options

60% VG/ 40% PG Options

70% VG/ 30% PG Options

Nic Options

Vapor4Life easily produces the best vape juice on the market today. The wide range of flavor combinations will appeal to any palette, while the quality cloud production and diverse array of nicotine levels will satisfy even the heaviest smoker. Whether you are looking to stop smoking for good or an experienced vaper looking to cut down on nicotine intake, Vapor4Life has a vape juice that is perfect for your need

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