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Virgin Vapor Organic E-Juice Review

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The flavorings used in Virgin Vapor e-liquids is authentic and organic, and have quite a different flavor profile than the many other vape juice brands that use a mix of organic and artificial flavorings. These guys are on a very short list when it comes to making a 100% organic vape juice, thankfully they do it extremely well!

Virgin Vapor flavors are more “true to the real thing” than are many other brands. The fruits used are real, so the raspberries are real raspberries, and the blueberries are real blueberries, and the taste is like the real thing, making it the best ejuice. They are not excessively sweet as no artificial sweeteners are used. The tart taste found in real fruit is similar to that found in the e-liquid flavor.

Vapers shopping for organic e-liquids tend to prefer high VG or all VG, and if you vape 100% VG from the Virgin Vapor brand, the experience will be a lesser throat hit than e-liquid, which is made from artificial flavoring and propylene glycol. You will also experience huge clouds of aromatic vapor that is quite thick. Most “cloud chasers” vape 100% VG because they like the massive vapor cloud created, when you combine 100%VG with 100% organic flavoring, resulting in an unforgettable experience. If you are a virgin to Virgin Vapor, expect to make some memories that won’t easily be forgotten.

Lastly, as a virgin to Virgin Vapor, if you have experienced 100% VG or 10% organic flavoring, you should not be afraid to order the larger bottles, as you will save a little money. If you enjoy organic flavors, because not everyone does, we can assure you that you will totally love the Virgin Vapor brand as someone sampling it for the first time.

If you have never tried 100% organic, or want to try 100% VG for the first time, it is recommended that you try a few sampler bottles first and move slowly. You need to know exactly what you are getting into, before making any large investment in a new brand.

There are 3-flavor sampler packs for $11.99 that you can select, as well as a 3-pack from the Absolute Virgin Line for $13.50. It is expensive on a per-ML basis, but you need to consider the savings of trying three flavors first to decide if this is a brand you want to explore, so this is a definite bargain.

15ml — $13.50
30ml — $22.50
60ml — $39.99
120ml –$69.99

Nicotine Options
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Virgin Vapor e-liquid is one of the best options by far if purity is your main concern. The company is a small one, based in Lower Lake, CA and is dedicated to the production of high-quality, organic e-juice which is second to none. The ingredients are all sourced in the U.S. and are certified organic containing no artificial additives. This means that there is no DEG, no artificial colorings, and no artificial flavorings or sweeteners. Glass bottles are used to prevent chemicals from leaching into your e-liquid.

There are two different base options offered by Virgin Vapor – 50/50 PG/VG as well as 100% vegetable glycerin. All PG is USP certified, and the VG is USP pharmaceutical grade as well as certified organic. Some other companies use flavorings which contain propylene glycol. Virgin Vapor’s 100% VG is truly free of propylene glycol.

  • All liquids are 100% made in the USA.
  • The ingredients are identified on their product page regarding PG/VG, organic flavorings, etc. (It does go into actual specifics).
  • All flavorings used are third party certified organic and free of pesticide. They are also genetically modified, organism free and vegan.
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners or additives are ever used in the e-liquids. The flavors are also free of gluten and sugar.
  • Certified organic, USP pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine are also used as the base of the liquids so that the result is a product that contains between 97.6 and 100% organic content, which depends on the nicotine level you desire. The complete VG range is 100% PG free.
  • Kosher certified nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves that are grown in the USA and are USP pharmaceutical grade are used. Their nicotine is stored in refrigerators to ensure freshness and potency. As members of the AEMSA, the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, they adhere to high product standards, regular laboratory testing and safety protocols.
  • A chemist is employed full time to oversee all aspects of the creation and testing of the product, as well as quality control.
  • Both OSHA and their local environmental health department, conduct a complete inspection of their facilities.
  • All juice is bottled in glass, as the possibility of chemicals leaching into your e-liquid exists with the use of plastic for bottling.
  • The flavoring used is the difference between the two lines. The third party certified organic flavors which are extracted by the use of organic ethyl alcohol, is used for the standard Virgin Vapor. In the line, organic ethyl alcohol represents an additional ingredient. Most persons do not taste or smell this ingredient, but some persons are sensitive to it. If the organic ethyl alcohol is bothersome to you, you should try steeping the e-liquid with the caps off for a few days, so that the alcohol can evaporate.

The third party certified organic flavors are also used to create the Absolute line. However, these flavors are extracted by the use of a process which is multi-stage and patented and does not require alcohol. Additionally, the flavors are highly concentrated, and the distilling process is expensive.

Virgin Vapor continues to search constantly across the globe, to source ingredients of the highest quality to manufacture Virgin Vapor e-liquids, so that the best organic vape juice is the result and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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