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What goes into my e-liquid?

You’ve probably wondered how e-juice is made, what components go into manufacturing the e-cigarette liquid, and how it affects you. Liquid nicotine is fairly easy to understand, but what else is in the liquid? E-liquid begins with a base ingredient, and the two main ingredients found in regular e-liquid are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Both of these ingredients are perfectly safe and are constantly used in other industries. These two base ingredients are blended with concentrated flavors, which consumers have gotten used to, and the last ingredient, a varying percentage of liquid nicotine is added to the mix.

Some e-liquids are made of entirely propylene glycol and are actually more popular but manufacturers use the combination of glycol and vegetable glycerin to produce varying consistencies. Some smokers are allergic to glycol and can only use vegetable glycerin so most sellers present these options when dealing with customers with allergies. American-made e-juice offers more options for buyers because the manufacturers can cater to specific niche markets.

This liquid nicotine base produces the vapor you get when you puff an e-cig. An atomizer heats up the liquid, which makes it produce the vapor and the sensation of smoking. All electric cigarettes work pretty much the same way and whether or not it’s a high-end piece, if you don’t have quality e-juice to go with it, then your vaping experience will be a lot less enjoyable. Electronic cigarette liquid varies in flavor, consistency, liquid nicotine concentration and throat hit.

So how does E-liquid get its flavor?

several candies flavored with food flavorsDifferent components go into making e-cigarette liquid, and factors such as where the e-liquid comes from and what types of components went into the manufacturing process also determine its flavor. The flavoring is not any different from the one used in food and candy. In fact, many of the flavors you like in candy are available in similar flavors in e-liquid form.

During the production process, a small amount of alcohol and water may be added in order to create a more distinctive flavor and throat hit. You can also order e-juice with more or less flavorings from certain vendors. Many of the top e-juice vendors will have an option to build your own juice to let you customize your flavor and nicotine content.

What is Throat hit?

This is the sensation you get at the back of your throat when you inhale the vapor. When e-cigs first came out, long-term smokers didn’t get that familiar hit when they inhaled the vapor because manufacturers hadn’t worked on the components with that purpose in mind, and it made e-cigs rather unpopular. Enhanced throat hit ensures that smokers get the same sensation they get from a real cigarette, and there are several ways manufacturers achieve this. All the components determine just how strong, or not, the throat hit will be when a person inhales the vapor.

The concentration of nicotine, liquid base and the voltage of the e-cig are all considered when enhancing throat hit.

What exactly is a safe nicotine concentration?

Cut and dried different sorts (kinds) tobacco leaves.The concentration of liquid nicotine in most e-juices range from 0mg to 24mg, depending on what a vaper wants. Pure PG or VG are used to dilute the concentration and glycol, could be used by itself or combined with vegetable glycerin. The average full-flavored analog e-cig contains about 18mg of nicotine and serves a basic throat hit. As the concentration increases, so does the throat hit so 0mg of e-cigarette liquid would feel like inhaling warm flavored air and a 24mg dose would be a little hard on the throat for a newbie.

Every smoker has a different tolerance level, and several factors determine, which concentration works for a new vapor. These factors are how long the person smoked regular cigarettes and what type of tobacco they smoked.

The recommended nicotine content amount for new vapers is 18mg, which can be used to gauge tolerance and then gradually added to or decreased depending on how they adjust to it. Vapers who use advanced devices such as Vape Mods or Box Mods (especially when vaping sub-ohm tanks) will want to use a lower concentration of nicotine. These users usually prefer 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg liquids.

American-made e-liquid vs. import

American e-liquid flagUnfortunately, the production of e-liquid outside the US is not properly monitored so some foreign e-cigarette liquid coming in may or may not be healthy for you. In the US, the manufacturing of liquid nicotine and e-juice is not monitored by the FDA, but many established e-liquid manufacturers use FDA approved ingredients. Not that these ingredients are not FDA approved for vaping, but simply FDA approved for human consumption.

Due to the fact that, as of this blog post, the FDA has not regulated e-liquids or even e-cigs, many vapers trust American made e-juices and liquids more than the imported variety. No one is to say that any such product is 100% safe to inhale, but American companies have a reputation to uphold within the vaping community. As such, they tend to use higher-quality ingredients and flavorings.

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